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Top 3 Prank Texting Services for Revenge (Anonymous Phone Spamming)

Prank Text Messages for Revenge

Sometimes you just need to get someone back. Maybe they joked with you, and now you’re looking for a way to get along with them. Nothing is more personal than someone’s cell phone. Have you lost your smartphone? I’m sure the first sensation you felt was an absolute panic. Now imagine turning the table on that stage and the target hates your phone so much that they want to throw it away. That’s exactly what these text prank services do for you.

  • Blow Up the Phone:

The best revenge prank we found is called This evil prank is very interesting because it allows users to target a friend and send a lot of text messages from random phone numbers. The best part is that no one can block them. If not, the target must block more than 100 phone numbers to stop the attack. You can literally send spam to someone’s phone by text or phone for up to 24 hours. The user never knows who sent the prank, making it perfect if you need to remain anonymous. You can also send your own personalized messages if you like, but I have found the default text messages they send to be very interesting.

  • Message Bomber:

Another spinoff of this prank is This prank is very similar to the previous prank, but it’s not just a text prank, it sends a funny text and a “text bomb” consisting of fun things like sending endless pics of a cat To a target phone. Some pranks include fun and classic pranks called “Spam for Finless Cats” and “Fake Craiglist Phone Pranks”. This prank sends hundreds of messages to the target, pretending that the phone number is posted on a Craig list. Look at them desperately looking for a post showing their phone number. (Hint: Not found because it does not exist)

  • Send Random Facts:

The last prank on the top 3 list is This site is a little harmless on how to trick the target. This site allows you to submit multiple “facts” about different animals, such as cats, dogs, and random everyday objects. Select the type of data you want to send, select how many subscribers to the target, and then take a close look.

We hope you find this list interesting. The next time you want to make a prank call to your friends, try these sites. We hope you like them!



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