Why Fat Loss is Better Than Weight Loss?


Difference Between Fat Loss & Weight Loss:

Many of us with too much body weight are obsessed to loss weight quickly and work even harder to reduce weight but sometimes without knowledge we either starve ourselves to death or lose energy by intense exercises.

Before going for weight loss we must have to understand what is weight loss and how we can get good results.

There is a very big difference between fat loss & weight loss. If talking about weight loss it can be achieved by just random starving and intense exercise but in result we get a body with no energy, muscle loss as well as a bad shape.

If talking about fat loss, so it cab achieve by knowledge of a proper diet plan including all 5 groups in a healthy ratio as well as a workout plan which help you to loss the fat accumulated in your adipose tissue and helps you to gain muscles. In the result you’ll get a good body shape, a long lasting weight loss, an energy filled body and good mood too.

So make sure to loss fat only not muscles, this is what we call a ‘healthy weight loss’.

How can we achieve a healthy weight loss then? For this question I’m gonna tell you some quick tips so you can lose healthy weight faster as well as enjoy life fully with no worries.

Tips For Weight Loss:

1. Try to sleep well: No matter how much you sleep if you don’t take a quality sleep then your life is all ruined. Relax your mind first and forget about every bad thing and try to sleep peacefully. This quality nap can release your stress and make you feel happier.

2. Exercise daily: Exercise is not only intense cardio or zumba etc. You can do Yoga, stretching or some strengthening exercises for the 1st week then then you can go to some moderate and then intense exercises. At least give your body some time to adapt to the situation.

3. Drink water: Try to drink water minimum 1 glass before every meal so it will help you to reduce your appetite which indirectly makes you eat less.

4. Overcome your cravings: Cravings play a smooth role in weight gain so try to engage yourself in some interesting works or habits like, painting, gardening, outdoor game playing etc so you’ll not only get a healthy lifestyle as well as overcome your cravings too.

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