Rehabilitation Process | Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Process

Physiotherapy is a science that assesses, diagnoses, treats and prevents imbalances caused. in the various neurological, musculoskeletal and cardio respiratory systems of the body. But how does the physiotherapist intervene in healing and maintaining health?

Why Physiotherapist ?

Concretely, the role of the physiotherapist is to help the body regain its full potential by focusing on its own recovery system. Physiotherapy professionals use manual therapy and self-management of the patient through therapeutic exercises adapted to his situation and his goals. All in a learning context where it is possible to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is also possible to add analgesic electric currents and judicious use of hot or cold when needed.

Skills of Physiotherapist :

The skills and technical notions acquired by the physiotherapist allow him to make a diagnosis and proceed to treatment. But without having a medical referral beforehand. It can be handy if you don’t have to wait to see your doctor. Whenever especially if you’ve suffered a more sudden injury or shock.

Skills of Physiotherapist

Another example of the great impact a physiotherapist has is in the career of a high performance athlete. It is not uncommon to have one or even more physiotherapists affiliated with elite athletes. Their role is not only to prevent and treat various injuries. it also to relay information on the athlete’s state of health between the athlete and his coach. Concretely, the sports physiotherapist must pass on the measures of prevention. But recovery and hygiene of life related to the sport of the athlete. It must also ensure re-education and rehabilitation when returning to training or competition. A healthy image of sport is transmitted by preventing doping and its negative effects.

How Physiotherapy Can Help in rehabilitation Process?

He is both front and center on the pitch as a first responder to injury and behind the scenes. as well as a confidant for the athlete treatment via rehabilitation process. The latter therefore places his physical and psychological well-being in the hands of the physiotherapist. to whom he can confide his joys as well as his fears and disappointments with the Process of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation in Emergency

All in all, a large part of the success of physiotherapy& Rehabilitation treatment rests on the shoulders of the patient. whether the patient comes from a sports background or not. Treatment is divided into two segments: manual interventions by the physiotherapist and application of instructions and exercises. The latter’s self-responsibility is therefore crucial and that is why the physiotherapist provides personalized follow-up. He transmits his knowledge by explaining the exercises to be done so that the patient can acquire. and When the physical capacities necessary for his future well-being.

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