PCOS and Its Medical Nutritional Therapy – Diet Plan

Pcos and its medical nutritional therapy
Pcos and its medical nutritional therapy

PCOS and Its Medical Nutritional Therapy (OVALUTION and MENSTRUATION):

The ovaries are part of female reproductive system along with fallopian tube, uterus and vagina. Your ovaries contain lifetime supply of eggs. These eggs are immature and stored in tiny fluid structure, called Follicles.

Every month pituitary gland secrete follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) into the blood stream when these hormones reach to the ovaries, eggs start to mature.

Follicle secrete Estrogen the main female sex hormone in the blood , once its amount reaches to the certain level pituitary gland sends the Serge of LH to the ovaries causing the most mature follicle to open and release its egg in a process called OVALUTION.

Free egg travel through the fallopian tube where it waits for fertilization. Eventually the remaining eggs and follicles dissolve if egg isn’t fertilized. The egg and the lining of uterus are shed during the next MENSTRUAL period.

PCOS (Imbalance of female sex hormone)

If you have pcos, pituitary gland may release abnormally high amount of Luteinizing hormone ( LH ) into the blood stream disturbing your normal menstrual cycle as result your follicle won’t mature and evaluation doesn’t occur, which can lead to infertility.

Some of the immature follicle don’t dissolve and remain as fluid filled sacs called CYSTS. In addition your blood has high amount of insulin. Too much insulin combine with LH which can lead to high amount production of Male sex hormone TESTOSTERONE in your ovaries. It prevent OVALUTION which can lead to

  1. Infertility
  2. Disturbed menstrual cycle
  3. Acne
  4. Abnormal hair growth ( due to increase of male sex hormone )
  5. Type 2 diabetes ( due to high amount of insulin in blood )
  6. Heart disease
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Cholesterol abnormalities
  9. Endometrial cancer
  10. Obesity

Medical Nutrition therapy

  1. Take a weight loss and exercise plan from your dietician
  2. Try yoga ( butterfly pose, camel pose, locust pose)
  3. You have to balance out your carbs, protein and fats according to your body weight and requirements which is most important of all.
  4. Ditch fried , spicy food and sugary foods ( switch to homemade food)
  5. Use low Glycemic index carbs (brown bread, brown rice, sweet potato, multi grain bread, legumes, oats)
  6. Avoid high glycemic index carbs (white bread , white rice, potato, white flour)
  7. Stay hydrated and Take Quality sleep
  8. Reduce stress and think positive , ditch away negative thoughts and negative people. 😁
  9. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Avoid plastic.

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