Pakistan Never recognize Israel PM Says


Prime Minister Imran Khan has clearly said that Pakistan never recognize Israel. My conscience will never agree to recognize it. Because We have to answer to Allah on the issue of Palestine.

Interview to a private TV channel

In an interview to a private TV channel. Pakistan Never Recognize Israel. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he had spent his entire life in struggle. It was a very difficult task to persuade. If you try, there is no fear of ups and downs. People get scared by bad times. Asghar Khan formed a Great party but failed in bad times.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when he came to power The institutions were destroyed, wherever he went. There was only destruction. The country’s economy was on the verge of bankruptcy. 2,000 billion has been repaid. If the deficit increases, there will be 5 years of difficulties. In 2 years, we have balanced the primary budget. IPPs have obeyed us. I thank them. Trying to make, the law was equal for all in the state of Madinah.

Outbreak of Corona

Imran Khan said that after the outbreak of Corona, Italy, Spain imposed lockdown, then lockdown was suggested in Pakistan. From the first day he said that the situation in Pakistan is different from Spain, Italy, Narendra Modi imposed curfew on 4 hours notice. Applied, India did what the opposition parties were telling me. The lockdown crushed 35% of India’s class and the government had to face severe criticism. We locked down the weaker class and succeeded.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan said that as the dollar becomes more expensive. The rupee falls then the price of electricity, gas and imports go up. If the price of electricity goes up, there will be difficulties. They are making the most expensive electricity in the world and selling it cheaply. They are coming up with a complete plan and a complete policy regarding energy in 15 days.

Referring to Karachi

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that if I look at the problems of Karachi, it hurts. If there was no linguistic politics in the 80’s, Karachi would have developed. Muttahida Bani has caused a lot of destruction in Karachi. Karachi’s problem is lack of local government system, case related to Karachi’s local government system is pending in the Supreme Court. Karachi should have a metropolitan system. The situation is very bad, after the 18th amendment provinces Has powers, if I start doing something for Sindh, the rulers there are making noise, they are going to solve the big water problem in Karachi.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that stockpiling of sugar is making money. Pakistan Never Recognize Israel. Sugar prices are being artificially raised and lowered. Cartels have been formed everywhere in the country. When forensic inquiry of Sugar Commission report was done frontman brokers came out, it is very powerful. There are people who, if caught, blackmail and unite and put pressure. On the report of the commission, the Sugar Mills Association brought a restraining order and Wajid Zia was threatened in a letter.

My conscience will never be satisfied to recognize Israel

On the question of recognizing Israel, He bluntly declared that we can never recognize Israel. Our position on this is very clear. The Quaid e Azam had said that the Palestinians should get their rights only then Admit it. My conscience will never agree to recognize Israel Because we have to answer to God on the issue of Palestine.


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