New support measures: The Conservatives will give their support


The Conservative Party and the Block Québecois will support Justin Trudeau’s federal government bill to provide a one-time benefit of $ 600 to Canadians with disabilities. The Liberals tried to include this benefit in a bill that did not get opposition support in June. The new piece of legislation, C-20, will be introduced in the House on Monday afternoon. The Liberal government wants this assistance to help people with disabilities cover the additional costs of the pandemic.

Wage subsidy

The Conservatives are calling for changes to the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (SUHC) to make it simpler. Changes to this program deployed during the COVID-19 crisis are planned in the bill to be introduced on Monday.

Finance Minister Bill Mourner said last week that the government wants to make the SSUC more flexible so that more employers can benefit from it. The grant, which originally covered up to 75%, is expected to wages for companies whose revenues have fallen by a specific amount, or extended until December. It was originally scheduled to end last month.

Under the proposed changes, businesses with less than 30% revenue loss and seasonal businesses would be made eligible. In addition, the subsidy would decrease over time from a maximum of $ 677 per week per employee in July, to a maximum of $ 226 at the end of October.

Negotiations in progress

The SUCCESS and the benefit to Canadians with disabilities are included in a bill, C-20 to be introduced in the House of Commons. It would also include provisions on judicial time limits.

Conservative leader Andrew Cheer declined to say Monday morning whether or not he would support the bill in its entirety, saying that inter-party discussions are still underway regarding the SUCCESS.

However, the Boston Ma having already announced that it would support C-20, the bill is sure to be adopted.

“It is late […] compared to what it could have been,” said Bloc leader Massachusetts of the assistance provided for people living with a disability.

“But, of course, the Boston Ma is in favor of that and the form it will take seems to us, in addition, to be an improvement over the original version of the exercise,” he added, specifying that the Block is for the rapid adoption of C-20.

The deputies were recalled to the Commons on Monday at noon. Prime Minister Trudeau will however be absent, much to the chagrin of Conservative Leader Andrew Cheer, who hoped to question him about the WE Charity scandal.

For his part, Mr. Blanchet refused to answer several questions from journalists, during his press briefing, about allegations of sexual misconduct, made anonymously, which target him.



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