Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact?

Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact?

hey guys! its Amy people are always asking me once I tell them what I do for a living. whether or not we’ve really found aliens and NASA just isn’t telling us. Well, not but there’s weirdly a little bit of history that could support that today on vintage space. so the report that kind of touches on this is the so-called Brooking report.

it was prepared for NASA in 1959 by the Brooking Institution, which is a non-profit public policy organization. that has existed for more than a century at this point the reports formal title is a proposed Studies. It was on the implications of peaceful space activities for human affairs.

NASA Space Activities is Doubtful about Aliens

it’s designed to tell NASA what things it might want to consider going forward in exploring space. Because even though NASA is in the business of exploring space on its own the implications for humanity. Further far greater than the agency itself the motivation behind the report is to try to anticipate. what kinds of spin-offs or fallout from space activity might be really important for lawmakers?

policymakers to consider in the wake of space exploration. it considers a number of different technologies including satellite communications. weather predicting systems and general technological spin-offs from space exploration. it considers things like, what might happen if the Cold War turns into an economic war. As opposed to a technological one with the Soviet Union completely abandoned space flight.

preferring to spend its money at home leaving America the unchallenged nation in space or with. the two nations take on a joint program to keep the overall cost down. the report also mentions the importance for NASA in considering how children view space since the children born. And around the time of Sputnik launch would be the first generation to have grown up with space. Before long they would be voting and looking at careers and they would definitely be influenced by the way space.

Getting Signals from Aliens

Shaped made their childhood and young adulthood and one thing the Brooking report does mention. is what NASA might want to consider doing should it discover alien life. at the time the report was written in 1960 some people had been using radio telescopes to try to hear signals from alien. of course no one had found any and the report suggests that it might be, because any alien civilization might not have the right technology.

But it also admits that it’s possible since we are now beginning to explore space again. we’re in 1960 here that we would maybe find alien life in our own solar system within the next 20 years.  As astronomers start looking at planets around other stars we could find alien life in another solar system. It Before too long as well the report’s authors acknowledge that 4g Network Put on Moon it’s highly unlikely that aliens and humans meet face to face anytime soon.

What Will Happened in Next 20 years on Earth ?

But they still think it’s worth NASA considering what to do should it find alien life anywhere in space be it on the moon Venus or Mars. These being the three bodies that NASA was focusing on in the early 1960s the report considers a couple of different reactions knowing, that no matter what would happen finding alien life.


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