Is keto diet safe?


Keto Diet Is Gaining Popularity, But Is It Safe?

We are living in the era which is quite fast. We’ve so many gadgets and accessories that help us to work fastest and secure our time. Similarly, we are listening to some trending things that are used for rapid weight loss. I’m just concern about one thing, how can you loss weight in just one week or two if you have gain it through by years? Is it worthy enough? 

So, let’s talk about “keto diet” which is now on trending for rapid weight loss. The origin of keto diet are neurological disorders, this diet was designed for the patients of Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. The ratio of high fat about 75-80% in this diet helps to overcome the fits and seizures. Carbohydrates are only present 5% in this diet which is the basic fuel to our body. People sometimes misunderstood carbohydrates as the only reason of being obese without knowing the value of carbohydrates. When you eliminate this important micronutrient from your life it would be even harmful like being obese.

Weight loss through keto can be rapid but righy after you terminate your diet once you’re in good shape, you’ll gain double the weight more rapidly like crazy…

There are so many safe diets including high fiber diets that are playing significant role in weight loss, as well as they also help you to maintain your weight without starvation.

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