Explosions in Beirut. Missing father found alive at sea

Explosions in Beirut

The shock wave linked to the explosion in the port of Beirut where he was on Tuesday August 4, 2020 would have propelled him to sea where he was recovered wounded, nearly 30 hours later, by sailors from the Lebanese civil defense

Amine Al Zahid, 42, was rescued at sea on Thursday, August 6, around 4 a.m. He had been missing since the double explosion in the port of Beirut in Lebanon. It was at sea that Lebanese army sailors found him injured but alive almost 30 hours after the incident. They handed him over to the Lebanese Civil Defense.

According to The National, a London-based media outlet specializing in the Middle East, the man, father of two, and director of a company based in the port of Beirut, was precisely near the port at the time of the explosion. and was reportedly forced out to sea by the force of the shock wave that damaged half of the Lebanese capital and left 300,000 homeless.

We have been shaken twice ”

Explosion in Beirut with Earth Quake

Amine’s brother Mohammad Al Zahid tells The National that ten minutes before the explosion, his brother sent him a photo of the fire that preceded the explosion. After this message, more news: “All of Beirut was rocked by the explosion and so did we. We were shaken twice: in the explosion and when he was reported missing. “

Like hundreds of other Lebanese, he decides to post a photo of Amine Al Zahid on social media Conservatives support and the good news ends up falling. Mohammad Al Zahid goes to the port for more information. The Red Cross and the Lebanese civil defense confirm that his brother is alive. On the other hand, it is impossible to know which hospital he was transferred to.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health in search

Family, social media and The National contacted several hospitals but all responded with the same response: “He is not being treated at home. Mohammad Al Zahid can only be completely reassured when they are reunited.

Still without news this Friday, August 7, and following the coverage of this disappearance by social networks and media, the Lebanese government has indicated that it is joining the search. “We have received several confirmations from officials that he is alive and has been rescued. I have been in contact with the Ministry of Health and have been told that three ministers are working closely with all relevant authorities to locate him. “


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