Division of the Islamic World is Growing ~ Explained by Imran Khan

Division of the Islamic World
Division of the Islamic World

Division of the Islamic World

I will put some facts in front of you for a very important issue of Division of the Islamic World. Israel is a very small country that the only surviving in the center of the Arab country. There is a sea on one side of Israel and on the other side has many big Muslim countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon (Explosion in Beirut). There is a rounded of many Muslim countries the only one small country is Israel but its temptation is very bad.

Today we will talk to you about how to strengthen the relationship between the ruling family of Saudi Arabia and Israel? How Israel is dividing Muslim countries into two categories or even Israel dividing the all over Muslims into many groups. But mostly it is dividing into two big groups? How Israel is trying to make its place between the Muslim countries? Today I am trying to tell you about the plan of Israel to make the greater Israel with the help of a map.

First of all, you can see on the map that how much Israel is a small country in the among the biggest Muslim countries? You can see Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Urdan, Sham, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, these are the biggest country. And also on the other side are labia. There is the smallest area of Israel in a big Muslim country? Today I will tell you how much area of Israel it used to be with help of map.

The Jews never have their homeland. The Jews have their own homeland in the time of Hazrat Dawood before 3000 years ago. After that time the Jews have never their homeland. A small number of Jews may have settled in many countries. In some countries, it may be more and in some countries, it may be less.

Migration of Jews:

Division of the Islamic World In the second century, the Jews beginning of this migration to Jerusalem. later they decided to become a country. There were strong and sharp people about the business. They were fantastic planners. So they slowly plan in the world and proved innocent themselves.They are starting too settled around Jerusalem.

If you have a look at a map of 1946 from the side of urban so you can see that white part of the map shows that Jews are settled in that number and the green part show that number of Muslims. After the two years if you see the map of 1948 suddenly the Jews took over the huge area of Muslims. The Jews win against the fight of the 5 Arabic Muslim countries with the help of the positions of Muslims in 1967. So the new map that followed would be a Jewish majority and a Muslim minority.

Becoming 2000 as you can see the map Israel has become hold over the Israeli Muslim homeland. The Israeli Muslims are limited to the border of Gaza and distributing into small packages. So 4 battles are fought Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 and after that the Jewish control a big area of Israel.

The tension between Jews and Muslims:

There has been a lot of tension between Jews and Muslim countries. There has been a lot of tension between Jews and Muslims and never diplomatic relations with them. The reason for this is some Hades of the Holy Prophet (PBUM). The Holy PROPHET (PBUM) said:” The Jews will have their own separate state. Which way will Muslims fight as a last resort”?

And the Dadajal is the last one persecution of the world and it becomes form Jewish. There is very clear Hades about this. That’s why Muslims think danger and persecution Jewish against themselves. And Jewish also does not like Muslims and never give them a chance together because they also very well Hades of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Now the situation is the Jew wants to explant the Israeli noticed all the Muslim country is around Israel have in depended. Now Israel has control over philistine and give the new map with the new 2, or 3 names like greater Israel, and promised land that land which promise in their old books or in their knowledge they got a huge land and become the new Israel state.

If you noticed in that case they come to close to Medina Manver and they going to control the big area of Saudi Arabia .now they going to control sham, miser, laban. when Israel applies the new map then they cover the big area around the other countries and this is the plan of greater Israel and this is the map they want to put into practice.

So the worst obstacle in the way of the Jews was Saudi Arabia because there Muslims have their Holy Places. The Muslims are going there for Hajj and Umrah. Due to the blessing of that places all over the world the Muslims even he is a shea, Sonni, Deobandi, and Wahabi are attached to the house of ALLAH.so the most important work for Jews to control Saudi Arabia and control their government.

Thoughts of Israel About Pakistan:

Israel hates Pakistan. And they consider Pakistan as their enemy. Pakistan is the only country that has so far neither recognized Israel nor wanted to have any relations with it. Pakistan has stood by its word from the first day until today.

But when the Arabs have lost their temper, they will sometimes in a relationship with someone. In 2019 February the president of Israel had held the met with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and two Foreign Ministers of the Gulf States under the arrangement of the US NAB President in wars city. No Palestinians were included in this meeting or never talk about Palestinians.

Instead, the United States conspired with Israel and the4 Muslim countries to form a possible alliance against Iran. Israel, which took its toll, leaked the video of the secret meeting. So the public of these countries has been raised many questions.

We have not diplomatic relations with them so why our foreign minister meets with protocol to Israel president?

Then Israel leaked video on just to check the reaction of the Muslims public? How much self-respect has their public and its rulers? So Muslims keep checking this crooked thing. So they are doing Division of the Islamic World to destroy muslims.

Division of the Islamic World according to Jerusalem Post in Newspaper:

The Jerusalem Post is a newspaper that posts an article in 2020 that Change has come and the change is that now Palestine is not a top priority for Saudi Arabia. Now the people of Saudi Arabia are saddened by the fact that their Palestinian Committee has spent so many years to the cutoff of Israel. And that Palestinians never appreciate their scarifies. This kind of propaganda against Arabia is carried out by Israeli Media which is ruling all over the world. This is not empty propaganda. Some things are very serious happen and I will tell you about this.

Symbolic act was carried out by Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is getting closer to Israel and India has an important role to play in all this. The Delhi flight to Saudi and the Saudi commercial flight were allowed to go to Israel. This is happening in the time of Muhammad Bin Selman. Saudi Arabia never to give any relations or some kind of contact or some kind of airspace to Israel, but New Delhi and Israel and America expressed their desire. So Saudi Arabia opens its air space for Israel for commercial flights.

This symbolic act was carried out by the Saudi government in the name of creating a link between Israel and India for Division of the Islamic World.

The Saudi Arabia foreign minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud’s give a statement in 2020 February “the Saudi government upgrades their relation with Israel after peace deal reached.” The United States wants to make a peace deal with the Palestinians. Muslins country and Palestine never agree on this deal. Now Saudi Arabia has used this as an excuse to going officially to upgrade the relationship with Israel. This statement is print in the MIDDLE EAST newspaper on the behalf of statement of Saudi foreign minister.

Statement of Muhammad Bin Salman:

In addition to 2018, there was a statement about Division of the Islamic World that could not be ignored. The statement was given by Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman by giving the interview to The Atlantic newspaper. He said that “the Palestinian and Israel have right to their own land.”

Before it, The Saudi government has never recognized Israel’s right to this land. But the first time a Saudi government accept the right of Israel’s right to get their homeland. This statement proves that Saudi Arabia and Israel have a secret relationship. This analysis was taken by the various Arab analysts from all over the Arab world Saudi Arabia and Israel is doing something that they have not yet told the world.

Peace Deal between Israel & Saudi Arabia:

Airspace opened Israel’s right to land studied. The Foreign Minister said this upgrade the relationship with Israel after the peace deal. Apparently, it is being said that Saudi Arabia and Israel are on the run, and Iran’s enmity is being told behind them. They both don’t like Iran that’s why they are together. But this seems like an excuse. 

Now, why seems like an excuse. Behind this, I will tell you two recent things which took place in Ramadan this year. The MCB group in Saudi Arabia. The MCB group runs a different TV channel. There will two plays on it. The one play is Except seven. This is a comedy play. This drama may have created that situation in which we want to do business with Israel or have a better time with Israel.

Those people who say do not trade with Israel and do not keep time are your enemies. Israeli does not your enemy. People who stop you from going forward are your enemy. In this play, this debate was deliberately released at different times. This drama was not only shown in Saudi Arabia rather also shows all-rounder of land. This is all done by the policy. There is a lot of confusion or anger in the Arab world.


The second play is Um-H-Haroon. This play also shows in Saudi Arabia. The character of a nurse is shown and it is said that Jews and Arabs were brought closer.they are very closer to each other. The Arabs had no enmity with the Jews in the past. Rather give Reference of 1940 and before of it. And manage all this with the help of a nurse character.

Now this propaganda is being run in Saudi Arabia. The Arab public is fully reacting in both plays. The public is very self-respect by itself. The Arab public would not allow this propaganda to continue. They will protest and Voices were raised on social media. The Saudi government said in a statement by press agency that the meeting was held of the Saudi cabinet and it was decided that Saudi Arabia will always stand by the Palestinians.

Saudi Arab in Under United States and the Israel:

At the moment, Saudi Arabia is largely under the control of the United States and the Israeli government. And Saudi Arabia wants to upgrade its relationship with Israel. On the other hand, Israel does not want to back down for his dream of greater Israel. And the plans of Israel never back down greater Israel dream go to near Madina Manvera never back down.

I told you with help of map how is Israel control the land of Palestine land in the last 50 years. It had ruined the whole country near Israel.

Now his eyes are on Saudi Arabia, how to seize the land near another country which is promised in the knowledge he has or the information he has. So this is the plan of Israel or exiting a relationship with Saudi Arabia. We see silence in Saudi Arabia over the worst atrocities against the Palestinians. The Arab world in particular is now quietly saying that they no longer challenge Israel.

Israel Destroyed Muslim Country Palestine:

Israel is constantly oppressing the Palestinians, attacking them, and using dangerous weapons on them, and Imposes religious restrictions, and the seed kills for Division of the Islamic World. The whole world understands what has happened to women and children. This is all done in Israel by a policy. And all strong and big Arab countries will not ready to challenge Israel. The big reason is that all Arab countries disagree. This has gradually been injected into all these rulers of Arab countries.public of all Arab Countries

Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, Sham, Libyan, Judah are standing with the Palestine people. But Israel controls very well of ruler group. And that is the secret of success. Now I hope all of you understand how Israel controls the Saudi Arabia government and relation with them.

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