Cruises by SN Limo Service

Cruises by Sn Limo Service
Cruises by Sn Limo Service

Boston Car Service is one of the most experienced cruise operators on the Boston market. Over 40 years as a tour operator, including over two decades as a cruise operator, stand for competence and customer proximity. Exciting travel destinations with varied routes in on beautiful ships are further ingredients for our success. Due to the comparatively manageable size of our vacation’s ships with passenger numbers between 490 and a maximum of 1,200 guests, we are able to flexibly accommodate new destinations and drive more individual routes.

Whether classic, exotic or adventurous, we offer you a large selection of Voyage to the destinations of this earth. North or Baltic Sea, Greenland or Spitsbergen, Mediterranean or Cape Verde, Africa, the South Pacific or Asia, whether a short trip or a trip around the world – Boston Car will make your cruise dreams come true.

Quality of Cruises Service:

The highest quality standards in service, well-calculated prices for extensive services and general on-board language German are a matter of course on our sails. The satisfaction and enthusiasm of our guests is our daily incentive to keep improving.

Our service begins with the first advice from our connected over 12,000 travel agencies and ends only after you have arrived safely at your destination or at home. Anyone who has booked with History of Boston with Car Service will be happy to come back. Many cruise guests have remained loyal to us for years. We make no distinction between first-time bookers and regular guests, each of our crusaders receives the best offer for their travel needs.

With us you rediscover cruising!

Captain Morten Hansen and his great cruise colleagues

The mostly long-standing cooperation with the experienced and eloquent captains continues with our cruise directors and hotel managers, who ensure that everything runs smoothly on board. So that you can fully concentrate on your vacation, many crew members in front of and behind the scenes ensure that everything is in perfect order, from room service to physical well-being.

Even with special requests or special care (allergies, food intolerance) you will always find an open ear. Many of our crew members have been with us for a long time and are part of the large “Phoenix family”. The team spirit and reliability of the team can be felt everywhere.

Many services included, low ancillary costs on the boat – the bill works

You don’t want to calculate long on vacation, you want to know from the start how much budget you have to plan for which services. If you feel the same way, Boston Car is the right place for you. As you Search Limo Service Near me We have calculated our cruises so that most of the services are already included. For example, you can use all restaurants without paying extra.

Events such as Captain’s Dinner and other gala dinners usually take place during each cruise. For lunch and dinner, table wine and table water are already included in the tour price. Other additional costs, for example for a drink at the bar, are so cheap that you will be amazed. It is important with our prices that you know from the start what you will get for it. You can use all on-board activities and wellness facilities (sauna, fitness room) free of charge. Scituate Ma Limo Service Just like the popular Phoenix bag and the practical country information in pocket format, fresh fruit and a “bed candy” in the room are part of the overall package. Of course, birthday children, wedding couples and other anniversaries can be celebrated and pampered on our ships. That is also part of the Boston Car cruise philosophy.

With us you get a lot of vacation at an affordable price!

Clear the stage for entertainment on our cruises

Raise the curtain for dance, acrobatics, travesty, comedy and singing! During your time on board your cruise, we offer a show program every evening that is impressive. Absolutely professional and committed artists from all over the world help you to have a good conversation, astonishment, clapping and laughing.

Fascinating stage shows in the large hall or musical entertainment in the smaller bars, Visit Martha’s Vineyard each of our voyage ships has suitable rooms in which we offer you a varied entertainment program every evening. Watch a film in the on-board cinema, read a good book in the library or find out more about the country and its people, history or geography in interesting lectures – you won’t get bored on our travel ships. Whether a big show or relaxed entertainment, you are spoiled for choice!

Spa and wellness on all ships:

You will find spacious wellness and spa areas, a sauna with a sea view, fitness rooms for active sports enthusiasts and many relaxation areas

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