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India fights COVID-19: Government optimistic!

At its daily press conference, the Indian government discovered that the rate of increase corona cases in India was linear, not exponential as it has been in many countries around the world. I said no. The increase in new cases of new COVID-19 in the country is the highest in 1684 in the last 24 HRs, but the government is following a general growth pattern in cases, the doubling rate of Cases decreased to 10 days compared to the 3 days of the first close on March 25, 2020. The Indian govt has rejected the scenario regarding the source of hidden diseases that could go unnoticed by sudden spikes. Continuous monitoring of cases of national fever, influenza and scenario. The decision to impose a blockade very early and then decide to extend it is welcomed as the key to this success in effectively controlling the spread of the killer virus. Currently, the number of COVID-19 cases exceeds and the recovery rate is almost 21%.

Such a high level of optimism reassures millions of Indians incarcerated at home. Instead of conveying a positive feeling of understanding the benefits of sacrifice. This optimism seems to make sense compared to the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and other countries. Furthermore, most incidents in India are related to international travel links. Until now, careful management and monitoring of hot spots has been used to prevent infection in the community. Domestic and foreign experts are also optimistic that the mandatory use of the BCG vaccine in India has helped increase resistance to the virus for decades.

Then there are other positive factors such as yoga, meditation, and the spread of Ayurveda and homeopathic medicine. Of course, despite the incredible knowledge of a coronavirus novel acquired in just three months, the world is still little to know about it, and the future action plan can only be issued. Despite being optimistic, Indian government officials agree that full control of the virus will take at least four months. It has the only option to pass us fingers, pray, stay at home, maintain social distance and comply with all measures.

Recently, the Indian government needed to introduce regulations to protect crown fighters, doctors, nurses, and health workers. Any attack on them is a heavy fine and a crime that cannot be served in prison for up to 7 years. A series of attacks on the Indian fraternity team as it faces an ambulance in many places as an Indian doctor in the United States is praised by a COVID service parade of 100 cars outside his home. It is very disappointing. Country Covidiot, not a criminal, needs to understand that in the case of an infection, the healthcare professional is the only savior, and only doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals are ready to take on all the risks involved. At this point, we salute all Corona warriors in exemplary life-threatening and human-sacrificing services: medical personnel, police and law enforcement agencies, local government officials and civil authorities with a variety of functions. People, journalists and members of the media, main service providers, fruit and vegetable vendors.

In order to create a more optimistic view internationally, two projects are underway in the UK and Germany, in addition to other drug and plasma therapy trials, to develop the COVID vaccine. He said he expects positive results in the fall of this year. Of course, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus remains with us for a long time, and most countries have not yet reached the top. This is the possibility. However, it is well tolerated with effective control and reduced mortality. WHO should collaborate in isolation with all ongoing projects to enter the vaccine industry and allow superhuman information to smother the virus.

Chinmay Chakravarty is an expert with more than 20 years of experience writing journalism, media coordination, film scriptwriting, film dubbing, film and video production, international film festival operations and book publishing. And magazines. Ability to provide professional services in these areas. He is a staff member of India Information Services and was appointed Director of Information Office in Calcutta Press in November 2019. In 2017, released the first solo book “Laugh and Let Laugh”. Many are still dying. In some countries. Hopefully this optimistic wave will swarm and the killer virus will rise faster than expected.

Why does the Lagos State Government need to communicate with the community at COVID 19?

Some civil society organizations commended the Lagos State Government for managing a devastating COVID-19 pandemic in a state with an estimated population of 23 million.

Gbenga Komolafe, Nigerian Informal Workers Federation (FIWON) Secretary-General, Nigerian Slam League / Informal Village (Federal), Coordinator, Raymond Goldchief, Dr. Tybat Lawson, Center for Housing and Sustainable Development, Lagos, Dr. Temired Sesan, Sankofa Policy Institute, Betiaba, Child Health Education Center,

Guidance and Protection (CEE-HOPE Nigeria), Olamide Udoma-Ejorh, Lagos Urban Initiative, Deji Akinpelu, Rethink Cities Initiative, Folashade Adeboyejo, POLYBRIQ and Segundo Ogunleye, Urbanovate Enterprise have signed the press release.

According to the OSC, testing and advocacy for COVID-19 has been extended to low-income communities, keeping in mind that these communities are dense, with a clear protocol outlined to report and respond to suspected cases.

  • Special interventions in primary and secondary health services are prioritized, and suspected cases of COVID-19 are isolated from the community to avoid spiral infections in densely populated areas and treat them safely.

We also note that current mitigation measures are not achieving the desired effect, as they promote protest and violence in many low-income communities due to their limited distribution. Watch with concern.

Therefore, we urge LASG to consider the following suggestions for achieving comprehensive and sustainable Covid 19 palliative care for vulnerable people.

  • LASG can lead faith-based individuals, businesses, and organizations that have proven to be involved in local communities to distribute meaningful support to those communities.
  • LASG should consider a limited-time financial assistance package for officially registered small market and trade cooperatives. This is paid through your individual BVN account. International development assistance can be used to offset the cost of such payments
  • Consider a mixed cash transfer + in-kind strategy for poor women, especially women without banks.
  • Due to the fact that Lagos relies on food distribution networks in other parts of Nigeria

In addition, the operating food distribution chain remains open as carriers and local retailers are allowed to move responsibly during the closure period.

These food distributors and women in the market provide essential services. In particular, it is recommended that Neighborhoods Corps and local market associations support the application of social distance protocols for buyers and sellers of these markets.

  • In such situations, price control measures are needed to ensure price stability.
  • Mile 12 Merchant Association normalizes prices and keeps them constant.

During this period, if you need to sell below the selling price, the government can establish a subsidy mechanism to pay the merchant the difference.

  • Access to free water and hand washing stations is guaranteed in all crowded communities
  • Regular waste disposal is guaranteed in communities not covered by PSP or LAWMA bridge projects
  • To guarantee the social distance and isolation requirements of this highly vulnerable population, special arrangements must be made to provide temporary accommodation and food to the homeless.
Will Covid-19 die in the EU?

With the inevitable budgetary pressure caused by the departure of the EU, the EU was already under strong internal pressure, essentially caused by three completely opposite views.

The EU Commission’s attitude was that, despite the elimination of contributions from its main sponsors, European projects should continue their normal activities and expand into new ones, such as the development of the European army.

On the other hand, net recipients of European funding show a strong position that, regardless of their individual grants and payments, they must be fully protected.

But the Net Taxpayer, a country where real taxpayers are funding projects, says the UK trade balance is finally hoping to pay more for EU funding, no matter what it sounds like. Clearly you are out.

At future budget meetings, the idea of increasing the current payment of 1% of GDP to 1.5% emerged. Small percentage number. But it’s actually a big deal for net taxpayers like Germany. Needless to say, the budget meeting calmed down.

The dreaded coronavirus, Covid-19, came along, against which humans were not immediately immune.

There was a time when the European Parliament stood out for a common mode of defense for all 27 member states and for the ECB to provide equal assurance funding. This will ensure that all countries are protected from viruses and have the financial support they need to protect their people.

In doing so, the EU will be at the heart of team planning, which means understanding the free flow of “Schengen” citizens and providing a coordinated support pattern.

But no The European Parliament closed its doors and gave its members its own way. Germany immediately spent billions of dollars in defense against the virus, while Italy’s financial theft provided just millions of dollars. The results are increasingly a matter of history.

It goes without saying that the countries protected their situation and closed the borders with all but their own. Therefore, it is in line with the position of the EU exit negotiations that open borders should be agreed, especially since some of the borders that are currently closed cannot be reopened.

In all EU countries, and in some cases around the world, we have spent all the money to protect ourselves from viruses. In many cases, companies were closed to compensate for wage losses. As a result, there is no doubt that the global recession is caused by a virus.

However, that particular cloud has a silver line. This, unlike the last recession, isn’t damaging the financial structure, it’s simply the lack of back-demand demand, often backed up.

But for the EU, they have been shown to be toothless leaders. Nationalism saved the day, and even if it stayed at 1% of GDP, it would take time for that percentage to recover to its current real cash value, so future EU plans would inevitably shrink due to lack of funding. I will.

Furthermore, the trade relationship between the UK and the EU has collapsed by default. Each business recovers at its own pace as demand leaks. Losing access to a single market is no longer a threat. What is a single market?

Countries like Germany are desperate to sell goods and trade with the United Kingdom to trade, despite requests from the EU. The purpose and interests of the EU will be lost and the future of the euro will soon be questioned.

In conclusion, I believe that after this pandemic, the EU will not be able to regain its former state, and then will decline rapidly or slowly until a footnote to history is inevitable.

Will Greece come before the ash of Covid-19?

Coronavirus has shocked the world. As a result, the economies of most major economies have been destroyed, and the life we ​​know, probably, if at all, will probably take several years to return.

Greece was hit as hard as all other countries, but its immediate closure and immediate efficiency have significantly reduced direct damage from Covid-19 and are expected to continue to do so. doing.

Prior to this global catastrophe, Greece had a very high public burden, but many countries had neglected debt-to-GDP ratios, but now under the influence of Covid, Similar equations will fall in the sea compared to other countries-19.

Therefore, in the future, Greece may have removed this financial bias. Still, some see this as a mere coincidence, but not as a sequence of events. However, the true nature of how Greece has returned to a productive world is entirely credible, especially in the case of the systematic destruction of infrastructure, plus the theft of all assets only a few generations ago. I have no German Nazi Hands during World War II.

As we know, very few remember that Greece was most likely the founder of modern civilization. Of course, it was a long time ago, and even today, the incredible creativity and work ethic of the young and new generation of young and middle-aged Greeks and the next generation are unreliable.

We Will Share you a health related and other newsnupdate on here in detail ehere you can get a useful knowledge about Coronavirus.

As an example, look at the list of the highest quality universities, the best medical professionals, and the brightest scientists in the world to constantly observe the superiority of the Greek men and women. Contrast this with the image that the Greek nation is brimming with drunken laziness, their hands forever have a bowl of begging, and nothing more from the truth.

The Chinese have chosen Greece as the main Mediterranean port for their “Silk Road” project. Russia’s “pipeline” is hosted in Greece, and the United States needs deep-water ports and airports in the Gulf of Suda in Crete for its strategic purposes.

Greece will soon benefit from its own new supply of oil and gas. In addition, gold, minerals, international transportation, excellent academic facilities and, of course, the fairly vast wealth of the world’s fastest growing tourism industry must be forgotten.

So why should Greece come to the fore after Covid-19?

I think the world after Covid-19 will soon realize that it suffers from a power vacuum.

Citizens of the world emerge with a rebalanced demand for new forms of leadership. Military power and wealth have proved to be meaningless even if the invisible enemy attacks their health. What they demand is a new emphasis on humanitarian values: those who help drive people, not Communism. Its main purpose.

But surely our superpowers recognize this need and change accordingly!

“I don’t think so!”

Our world leaders have almost always shown how shallow their “power” really is.

The United States is clearly losing all direction. Contact your disinfectant vendor for more information. Aiming to become a “First World Power,” China is now potentially distrusted by the Bacterial War Institute as the creator of the “Escaped Virus.”

The European Union, Germany and France have shown that they have no teeth when the tip is low. After that, Russia, under Putin, although technically no longer persuading the Communists, still jeopardizes Orwell’s roots.

Of course, this list misses England, the creator of the previous civilization. Now free from the EU chain and under dynamic new leadership, Britain can even become a candidate or partner for the new World Order in paper space.

But so far, after a decade or two of the Limp administration, Britain has a considerable plate full of internal problems to solve before leaning too far on the world stage.

So I truly believe that Greece can be a leadership phoenix rising from the ashes of Covid-19, discounting all other eastern states as a source of leadership.

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