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Male Infertility: Infertility Warning Signs & Medication

Male Infertility
Male Infertility

Male Infertility:

This article is for men and women who want to improve their ability to have children. Male fertility is associated with a lack of sperm quantity and quality. There are many possible causes for male infertility and may not always be resolved. However, natural foods, supplements, physical conditioning, and improved immune system can improve semen strength.

Infertility Warning Signs:

First, here are some signs that can help you decide on an infertility study.

1. Hair Growth:

If you’re losing your hair and it’s not because you’re older, you should find out why. Hair loss is associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies and stress. If your diet does not provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that your hair needs, it is robbing your hair, blood, and body of these nutrients. When combined with stress, there aren’t enough nutrients for healthy hair.

2. Problems with Erections and Ejaculation:

Of course, children with weak erection and ejaculation will not be able to do it. Strong erections can be associated with sexual desire and stress, but most of these problems result from diet and dietary supplements. Bad erections result from poor blood circulation. If you have cardiovascular disease, you should eat a diet that helps with this condition and improves blood circulation.

3. Testicles and Prostate:

Problems with small testicles, lumps, or an enlarged prostate can prevent the production of high-quality sperm. In these conditions, you need to consult a doctor so that you can determine the health issues that these conditions pose.

4. Testosterone:

If you lack testosterone, it can lead to infertility. There are many nutrients and herbs that can increase testosterone.

5. Overweight:

Being obese can be one of the leading causes of male infertility. One of the first things to consider for this weight loss.

6. Alcohol and smoking:

If you drink too much alcohol, your testosterone levels will drop and your semen volume and quality will decline. Reducing binge can help. Smoking is very harmful to the body as it produces high levels of free radicals. These free radicals attack internal tissues and cause various diseases.

7. Exposure to Pollutants:

If your job is exposed to pesticides, heavy metals, air pollution, or toxic gases containing heavy metals, your immune system is compromised and healthy sperm is lost. These toxic gases produce free radicals which can destroy internal organs and tissues.

8. Antioxidant:

Take a good antioxidant supplement. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation. It is an inflammation that reduces blood flow and causes organ dysfunction.

9. Autoimmune Disease:

Leaky bowel syndrome is predisposed to many autoimmune diseases. In this condition, the antibody may attack and remove semen.

10. Medication:

The sperm count will be low if you are taking the drug or if you are taking other drugs such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If you are using drugs for colitis, hypertension, calcium channel blockers, or antidepressants, it affects fertility.

As you can see, a variety of conditions can cause infertility problems. If you have any of these conditions or situations, start addressing them so that some of them can be eliminated over time.

Women’s Issues: 23 Things Women Should Stop Doing

23 things that women should stop doing

You often hear that you are your own enemy and despite the cliché, the idea remains true. We lose our minds trying to achieve perfection in our experiences, our relationships and our way of being, and over and over it becomes exhausting. That’s why the women editors of the US edition of Huff Post decided to challenge themselves to stop doing these 23 things women should stop doing . (Of course, that’s easier said than done, but to continue with the cliché, if you fail the first time around, try and try again.)

Women’s issues:

Apologize all the time.

Research has shown that women say “sorry” more often than men. Of course, you have to take responsibility when you make a mistake, but constantly apologize because you ask the waiter to split the bill, because you postpone a romantic date or because you tell your problems to a friend, does more harm than good. No need to comment on everything you do. Claim your preferences and decisions.

Say yes to everyone.

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Yes, we’re going to have coffee even though I’m exhausted and just want to go home to sneak into my bed. Yes, I will help you make your CV even if I am overworked. Yeah, I’m going to go on that date with you, your almost boyfriend and his horrible boyfriend in town. Stop saying yes when you don’t want to. People respect you more when you set limits.

Say no to yourself.

Many women spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they can’t do or what they shouldn’t do, or figure out what is beyond their capabilities. these women do the things that have to stop doing. Don’t let your doubts and anxieties make the decisions for you, you risk missing out on valuable experiences. So, go talk to this group of people who seem too good for you, stay awake until late at night every now and then if you feel like it, and treat yourself to a good meal.

See food as an enemy.

Women everywhere are doing receiving information that their looks are of great interest. Our hair should be soft and perfectly wavy, our face covered in makeup at all times (but with an impression of naturalness) and our figures slender (i.e. “thin”).

When one is engaged in this quest for impossible standards, it is easy to see food as something to limit rather than to savor. Be aware of what you are putting in your body (after all, it is the only one you have) but try to let go of the guilt. weight loss is Relevant Issue. Savor every bite of this gorgonzola gnocchi, mint chocolate chip ice cream or cherry tomatoes. Food shouldn’t come with regrets. As Nora Ephron wrote:

“I made a lot of mistakes in love, and I regretted most of them, but never the potatoes that came with them.”

Put yourself down

Stop looking down on your appearance, period. Nothing good will come of this unless you are battling your bodily issues with your therapist.

Feeling like an impostor when you have achieved something in your job.

Women are more likely things than men to feel like “impostors” at work, often doubting whether they really deserve their success. Think of your successes for what they are. You got that new job, promotion, diploma or public recognition because you deserved it.

Remove your name from every “unflattering” photo of yourself posted on the Internet.

Of course, it’s understandable that you don’t want to see a horrible photo circulating on Facebook, but you don’t need to make sure every one of those unflattering photos is taken off social media. It’s not just one more way to obsess over how you look (after all, people post what they want to post and you can’t control it) but online photo albums have largely replaced the real albums. Maybe today you don’t want to see the look you looked like at your brother’s birthday party, but in a few years, you might want to stave off that moment.

Compare their real life to someone else’s virtual life

Spending too much time thinking about your virtual life can be a source of anxiety, as can obsessing over other people’s virtual characters. Research has shown that Facebook addiction is linked to low self-esteem. And who wouldn’t feel bad, sitting in bed on a Monday night looking at their ex’s vacation album or the enthusiastic statuses posted by your friends who went to a great party? Rather than constantly comparing, which increases the risk of depression, shut down your computer and enjoy the present. At least it’s real.

Fight regrets and guilt

“I’m more against regretting,” Lena Dunham told the New Yorker Festival in 2012. Guilt and regret are emotions made to torture the person who feels them. Realize your regrets and guilt, then focus on what you did best.

Wear heels everyday

Think how much you torture your poor feet daily. Everyone loves a nice pair of shoes, but opting for comfort (most of the time) will not only make transportation a lot more livable, but also your feet a lot happier. In addition, flat shoes can have a lot of style.

Judging the sex lives of other Things women should stop doing.

No woman deserves to be put down for her choice of sexual partner, the number of people who she sleeps with or how she chooses to experience her sexuality. The next time you’re about to call another woman a “prude” or a “slut,” hold back. Even Miley Cyrus and her twerking don’t deserve to be humiliated.

Judge your own sex life.

No one needs to know about your intimate life. And honestly, you surely care a lot more about what your sex says about you than anyone else.

Try to be “relaxed”

Maybe you really are the “cool girl” who loves chilling out with a pack of beers and a movie. But for those of us who don’t have the “relax” gene, it’s best to stop trying. Trying to be the cool girl under all circumstances prevents us from expressing our needs, wants and opinions.

Being afraid of being called “crazy”.

There is no better way to discredit a woman’s opinion or feelings than to accuse her of being overly emotional. “I don’t think the idea that women are ‘crazy’ for that things stems from a grand conspiracy,” author Yashar Ali wrote in a post for the US edition of HuffPost in 2011. “I think rather that it is linked to this slow and constant rhythm of submission and humiliation of women, on a daily basis. The fear of being labeled only encourages women to keep quiet. with the above Things that women have to stop or resist to do Besides, everyone has a bit of insanity in themselves, regardless of gender.

Being a hypochondriac.

Your lymph nodes may be swollen for a week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a gigantic tumor on your neck. If necessary, drop the doctor online and go see a real one.

Worrying that your life is unlike Pinterest.

You are not Martha Stewart. You will never make a shelf with your own hands. And your eggplant avocado will never look as delicious as the one in an advertisement.

Be afraid of loneliness

There are some things that women have to stop do over which you are in control, like trying to have romantic dates, and meeting new people … and others that you just can’t do anything about. by side of Female Finding a life partner (or a temporary one) is one of them is basic that things should do by her. You cannot decide when and where you will meet a soul mate, so stop focusing on the idea that you will spend your entire life alone. There are things much worse than being alone.

Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship.

If you’re afraid of being alone, the worst thing you can do is rush into a relationship that you don’t really want. As Nora Ephron wrote when she launched HuffPost’s Divorce page, “Marriages come and go, but divorce is here forever. “

Not enjoying your vacation

More Americans than ever are forgoing their already meager paid time off when it is common knowledge that employees taking time off are more likely to be healthy, happy and productive.

Maintain toxic friendships.

Life is too short to waste time with people who make you look bad.

Spending time with people out of obligation.

Just because you spent all of your time with the same person in school doesn’t mean you have any connection with that person now. You don’t have to see every old friend or cousin that comes through your city again. Spend time with people because you want to.

Be ashamed of your interests

“I want to be a feminist and wear a Peter Pan collar. So what? ” Zooey Deschanel told Glamor magazine in February 2013. Do like her and stop worrying about what you “should” look like / worry about / think about. If you like girl stuff, like girl stuff. Otherwise, don’t touch it. Accept your lack of musical knowledge, your love of soccer, Breaking Bad and Beverly Hills.

Set deadlines on you.

Appreciate the uncertainty of life and allow yourself to be filled with joy.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas Of (2020+2021)

Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas

Tired of regular 9-5 jobs and want to start a business? Looking for additional income sources? Or do you want to start
a growing small business that wants to make your career? The idea of ​​starting a business is exciting and requires only time, effort, money, and new ideas. We certainly help the
“idea” part.

Best Small Business Ideas

Here are 10 small business ideas which are given below

1. Cooking/Baking:

You don’t need much capital. If you already have the skills, you can go. Start slowly Work from home if necessary.

  • Select your favorite Field:

stew, stew, steam, bake, roast, roast. We start with 2/3 items and start delivering. Everyone loves well-prepared home cooking. Advertise in a familiar area and let the kitchen do the rest.

2. Tutoring:

This is probably the best-known source of income, but most people don’t try to take it to another level. Private tutors don’t just teach academics. These extra steps can be a great business opportunity.

  • Do you know how to play an instrument? Teaches the skill.
  • Can you make useful little crafts? I’ll teach you the technique.
  • Are you good at editing and designing? Teach your skills
  • Can you sing, dance, make art, cook, and more? Tell us about your experience.
  • Can you put on makeup? People always ask, is your dress always so perfect? Please tell us about your proficiency.
  • Do you know how to click the perfect image? Please tell us about your knowledge.

In short, there are many potential students looking for your service, so find out what you know. Remember, learning never becomes obsolete.

3. Babysitting:

You must have spent a lot of time on your nephew and niece’s babysitter. Now is the time to take advantage of this experience. When your working parents are too busy to do so, supervise your child. In this case, make your family and friends brand ambassadors.

4. Interior Designer:

Do you have the charm of a beautifully appointed home? After that, of course, let’s start learning! Finding an online course in basic interiors is not that difficult. Once you’ve gathered enough knowledge, start a small project, take a photo, create a portfolio, open a website or online page, or distribute a flyer as needed. The need for virtual assistants is enormous.

Interior designers are breaking the bar by saying it’s only for wealth. Make sure that your business is booming by offering service wherever possible. Due to the growing demand, interior design may be one of the top 10 ideas for SMEs in 2020.

5. Customized Jewelry:

Are there any weaknesses in jewelry? Then this business is for you. Opportunities in this area are enormous, with annual growth of 5-6% expected. From gold to wood, gems never go out of fashion. This is ideal for small businesses on the capital side. Given the growing popularity of personalized jewelry among women seeking fashion, this can be considered one of the top 10 small business ideas for 2020.

6. Developing Apps:

Recently, there are apps that can do just about anything. From finding all the essentials to finding a good night’s sleep, there are apps to help you in your rescue. Learning how to develop an app, with or without coding skills, only presents potential business opportunities. If you start market research, it’s a good start.

7. Translator:

Now is the time to take advantage of your language skills. The employment of translators is expected to grow by 19% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. If you know several second languages, you are in luck and in high demand.

8. Create a Channel:

YouTube channel views are around $ 3-5 per 1,000 views. With a successful YouTuber, you can make millions with just one video. If you think about it, this could also be your only source of income. Therefore, this idea can be considered as the most demanding of the 10 ideas for SME in 2020.
If you are passionate about travel, stand-up, music, dance, animation, education, production, etc., share it
with the world. Explore YouTube guidelines and understand the tools. A decent location and a good camera can increase
your earning potential.

9. Ghostwriting:

Every “Bo Jack Horseman” fan knows Diane and how she succeeded as a ghostwriter. She has never been unemployed. If you are passionate about writing, neither do you. The ghostwriter may not get credit for his work, but it’s a lot of money.

Many began as normal ghostwriters and ended up with an influential career. On average, ghostwriters can earn $20,000 per project and over $50,000 if the client is a celebrity. Beginners average about $5,000
depending on the target and the length of the text.

10. Freelance Content Writing:

Content writing is arguably one of the top 10 ideas for small businesses of 2020. In the age of digital marketing, content writers share their demands fairly. If you have the skills to create well- structured stories and articles, this startup is for you. You can write a variety of content, such as web content, blogging, social media, sales and advertising, expert, industry writing, journalism/news writing, creative writing, etc. Experienced content writers can earn up to $ 1,000- $ 5,000. Luna.

If you’ve already decided to start a small business, that’s great! Stay ahead of the game and choose one of the top 10 small business ideas for 2020 and get ready to jump into the big space of your business.

Get Ready for Second Wave of Covid-19


New contamination which are on the rise again. Hospitalizations on the rise. Resuscitation placements on the rise. This is no brainer: in the heart of summer, the Second wave of Covid-19 has not taken a vacation, and the virus is once again circulating very actively in France.

Several cities have made it compulsory to wear a mask in busy public places. Not enough to calm the concerns of worried caregivers, who have been calling for the generalization of the wearing of masks for a while. An appeal heard by the government, which announced on Tuesday the obligation to wear a mask in business from September 1.

Timely Taken Action ?

Is this action taken on time? Will it be enough to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 in the country? Do caregivers think they can avoid, or endure, a second wave? Do they feel that they are sufficiently prepared, sufficiently equipped?

Timely Taken action for Covid-19

“This second wave will be much harder for us caregivers,” said Prof. Gilles Pious, head of the infectious diseases department at Tenon hospital in Paris, in an interview with Express. Applauded every evening during confinement and exposed to the disease in their work, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants or even nursing home facilitators entrust 20 Minutes with this shared fear in the face of a second wave that could surge in the coming weeks.

I love my job, but I’m worn out

The start of the school year has not yet started, but Marine already fears an outbreak of the epidemic. “In Lille, some do not wear masks in transport, and no one respects barrier gestures, deplores the young woman, a career in an nursing home. The fear of a second wave is inevitably present, especially for the already frail elderly, she insists. Hence the importance of respecting barrier gestures, wearing a mask, disinfecting your hands! “

The first wave, Aurelie, nurse percussionist, had already taken full force and feels coming the next. “I manage ECMO, the extra corporeal circulation device designed to oxygenate and decarboxylate the blood [remove CO2]. And I’m at a loss physically: we were overwhelmed and had to resort to fending for the system not to collapse.

Doctors Love Their Jobs

We haven’t been able to release the pressure since the first wave because, in order for some to go on vacation, the others toil and tire even more. Not to mention the stress of catching the virus yourself, of infecting your family, of taking crowded Parisian public transport. Seeing all these people who applauded us doing anything today, the motivation is gone for Second wave of Covid-19, she says. I am brave, I love my job, but I am worn out … I really dread this second wave that we are already seeing starting in the hospital “.

A fear shared by Patrick, caregiver, and nursing home facilitator, who regrets the unconsciousness of some. “Family reunions, vacations, bar terraces, restaurants, people act like it’s all over. During this time, the residents of nursing homes risk a lot”.

Many have experienced first wave very badly

But how to face a second wave when you are a caregiver and already struggling to recover from the first? For Caroline, a medical nurse, “a second wave is very likely, all caregivers fear it. The staff is certainly better prepared than in March, but the staff shortage and the resulting organizational problems are still present, she says. Many of us have already experienced the first wave very badly, between burnouts, physical and emotional fatigue, not to mention all the caregivers who were infected “.

1st wave badly HItted

For many caregivers, the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic created a trauma, as Michele, a nurse at the hospital recounts: “Managing Coronavirus patients, seeing some of them leaving during the day in a tarpaulin, see colleagues also affected and having to replace them at short notice, I was not far from burnout, she recalls. But we had to hold out, save the patients, fight against death. I was coming home and I couldn’t stop crying.

Constantly Working

So no, I wouldn’t want it to start again, although I do fear there will be a second wave. It is the holidays, people do not necessarily respect barrier gestures, especially young people, who seem oblivious to the risks they run for themselves, for their loved ones and for the nursing staff “. If Michele fears a second wave so much today, it’s also because “the teams are exhausted. At home, a lot of nurses have left since the first wave of COVID-19 and we are having trouble recruiting. The teams are not complete, we are constantly asked to work overtime to replace colleagues who have left. We don’t even have privacy anymore! So face a second wave, we could not,” she believes.

Victory on Constantly Working

A fear shared by Mathilde, a midwife, who feels “one of the great forgotten people of Seguro de la santo, yet very present during the first wave of Covid. You cannot ask people to sacrifice their lives for the lives of others and despise them that way. The caregivers are not ready for a second wave, they are put lower than earth, exhausted from the first wave, and exasperated by the lack of recognition”.

We are ready but we will be less Tolerant

However, despite fatigue and exasperation, the “first in line”, as Emmanuel Macron described them, remain mobilized. “We are ready,” says logic, a nurse in the Toulouse region. Indeed, I think a second wave is brewing, but the hospitals will be better prepared because the first wave allowed us to organize “. But logic is also “annoyed by disrespectful attitudes, by those who applauded at the windows to then respect nothing”. A carelessness that makes the nurse fear the worst. “I think that this wave will be more deadly than the first, for the simple reason that it will be the consequence of the non-respect of barrier gestures by the population and will thus generate a decrease in the commitment of caregivers already exhausted: we will be less tolerant and will not sacrifice our lives for people who do not respect us ”.

We are ready but we will be less Tolerant

Like Warrior, Antoine, a public assistance nurse in Paris hospitals who worked in a Second Wave of COVID-19 unit, thinks that “hospitals are better prepared today. During the crisis, we did not know where we were going, but in the event of a second wave, the organization will be faster and more efficient: human and material needs and the organization of care are well assessed, and the staff has already been trained. Life in the hospital is the same as before the Second Wave of COVID-19, with no cluster in the hospital. I don’t think there will be a second wave, at least not of the magnitude of the first

I’m getting Ready for Second wave of COVID-19

Confidence shared by Audrey, a health manager in a CHU. “I have no doubts that the health care system will cope with a second wave if it is to break. Because caregivers will be faithful to the strong values of continuity of care. But it would be with great anger. because people are unable to understand that the collective interest in health comes through individual responsibility. The mask is not a deprivation of liberty, damn it, it is real protection! “

I'm getting Ready for Second wave of COVID-19

An anger that Audrey feels growing inside her every day, “because I had to sacrifice my family life during the first wave, because of the stupidity of some, I will have no choice but to start over. if necessary. Because we still have to fight against idiots who “forget” to wear their masks when coming to visit relatives already weakened by hospitalization. And I’m angry with those snarling fools who beat up whoever reminds them of their obligation to wear a mask. All those nights of applause for that? “

“I hope that anyone who is not fully aware of the severity of the virus in its most severe form will realize that it can be fatal for all of us,” said Guillaume, nurse. Young or old, we are all concerned. To protect yourself, and protect us ”.

Division of the Islamic World is Growing ~ Explained by Imran Khan

Division of the Islamic World
Division of the Islamic World

Division of the Islamic World

I will put some facts in front of you for a very important issue of Division of the Islamic World. Israel is a very small country that the only surviving in the center of the Arab country. There is a sea on one side of Israel and on the other side has many big Muslim countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon (Explosion in Beirut). There is a rounded of many Muslim countries the only one small country is Israel but its temptation is very bad.

Today we will talk to you about how to strengthen the relationship between the ruling family of Saudi Arabia and Israel? How Israel is dividing Muslim countries into two categories or even Israel dividing the all over Muslims into many groups. But mostly it is dividing into two big groups? How Israel is trying to make its place between the Muslim countries? Today I am trying to tell you about the plan of Israel to make the greater Israel with the help of a map.

First of all, you can see on the map that how much Israel is a small country in the among the biggest Muslim countries? You can see Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Urdan, Sham, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, these are the biggest country. And also on the other side are labia. There is the smallest area of Israel in a big Muslim country? Today I will tell you how much area of Israel it used to be with help of map.

The Jews never have their homeland. The Jews have their own homeland in the time of Hazrat Dawood before 3000 years ago. After that time the Jews have never their homeland. A small number of Jews may have settled in many countries. In some countries, it may be more and in some countries, it may be less.

Migration of Jews:

Division of the Islamic World In the second century, the Jews beginning of this migration to Jerusalem. later they decided to become a country. There were strong and sharp people about the business. They were fantastic planners. So they slowly plan in the world and proved innocent themselves.They are starting too settled around Jerusalem.

If you have a look at a map of 1946 from the side of urban so you can see that white part of the map shows that Jews are settled in that number and the green part show that number of Muslims. After the two years if you see the map of 1948 suddenly the Jews took over the huge area of Muslims. The Jews win against the fight of the 5 Arabic Muslim countries with the help of the positions of Muslims in 1967. So the new map that followed would be a Jewish majority and a Muslim minority.

Becoming 2000 as you can see the map Israel has become hold over the Israeli Muslim homeland. The Israeli Muslims are limited to the border of Gaza and distributing into small packages. So 4 battles are fought Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 and after that the Jewish control a big area of Israel.

The tension between Jews and Muslims:

There has been a lot of tension between Jews and Muslim countries. There has been a lot of tension between Jews and Muslims and never diplomatic relations with them. The reason for this is some Hades of the Holy Prophet (PBUM). The Holy PROPHET (PBUM) said:” The Jews will have their own separate state. Which way will Muslims fight as a last resort”?

And the Dadajal is the last one persecution of the world and it becomes form Jewish. There is very clear Hades about this. That’s why Muslims think danger and persecution Jewish against themselves. And Jewish also does not like Muslims and never give them a chance together because they also very well Hades of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Now the situation is the Jew wants to explant the Israeli noticed all the Muslim country is around Israel have in depended. Now Israel has control over philistine and give the new map with the new 2, or 3 names like greater Israel, and promised land that land which promise in their old books or in their knowledge they got a huge land and become the new Israel state.

If you noticed in that case they come to close to Medina Manver and they going to control the big area of Saudi Arabia .now they going to control sham, miser, laban. when Israel applies the new map then they cover the big area around the other countries and this is the plan of greater Israel and this is the map they want to put into practice.

So the worst obstacle in the way of the Jews was Saudi Arabia because there Muslims have their Holy Places. The Muslims are going there for Hajj and Umrah. Due to the blessing of that places all over the world the Muslims even he is a shea, Sonni, Deobandi, and Wahabi are attached to the house of ALLAH.so the most important work for Jews to control Saudi Arabia and control their government.

Thoughts of Israel About Pakistan:

Israel hates Pakistan. And they consider Pakistan as their enemy. Pakistan is the only country that has so far neither recognized Israel nor wanted to have any relations with it. Pakistan has stood by its word from the first day until today.

But when the Arabs have lost their temper, they will sometimes in a relationship with someone. In 2019 February the president of Israel had held the met with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and two Foreign Ministers of the Gulf States under the arrangement of the US NAB President in wars city. No Palestinians were included in this meeting or never talk about Palestinians.

Instead, the United States conspired with Israel and the4 Muslim countries to form a possible alliance against Iran. Israel, which took its toll, leaked the video of the secret meeting. So the public of these countries has been raised many questions.

We have not diplomatic relations with them so why our foreign minister meets with protocol to Israel president?

Then Israel leaked video on just to check the reaction of the Muslims public? How much self-respect has their public and its rulers? So Muslims keep checking this crooked thing. So they are doing Division of the Islamic World to destroy muslims.

Division of the Islamic World according to Jerusalem Post in Newspaper:

The Jerusalem Post is a newspaper that posts an article in 2020 that Change has come and the change is that now Palestine is not a top priority for Saudi Arabia. Now the people of Saudi Arabia are saddened by the fact that their Palestinian Committee has spent so many years to the cutoff of Israel. And that Palestinians never appreciate their scarifies. This kind of propaganda against Arabia is carried out by Israeli Media which is ruling all over the world. This is not empty propaganda. Some things are very serious happen and I will tell you about this.

Symbolic act was carried out by Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is getting closer to Israel and India has an important role to play in all this. The Delhi flight to Saudi and the Saudi commercial flight were allowed to go to Israel. This is happening in the time of Muhammad Bin Selman. Saudi Arabia never to give any relations or some kind of contact or some kind of airspace to Israel, but New Delhi and Israel and America expressed their desire. So Saudi Arabia opens its air space for Israel for commercial flights.

This symbolic act was carried out by the Saudi government in the name of creating a link between Israel and India for Division of the Islamic World.

The Saudi Arabia foreign minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud’s give a statement in 2020 February “the Saudi government upgrades their relation with Israel after peace deal reached.” The United States wants to make a peace deal with the Palestinians. Muslins country and Palestine never agree on this deal. Now Saudi Arabia has used this as an excuse to going officially to upgrade the relationship with Israel. This statement is print in the MIDDLE EAST newspaper on the behalf of statement of Saudi foreign minister.

Statement of Muhammad Bin Salman:

In addition to 2018, there was a statement about Division of the Islamic World that could not be ignored. The statement was given by Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman by giving the interview to The Atlantic newspaper. He said that “the Palestinian and Israel have right to their own land.”

Before it, The Saudi government has never recognized Israel’s right to this land. But the first time a Saudi government accept the right of Israel’s right to get their homeland. This statement proves that Saudi Arabia and Israel have a secret relationship. This analysis was taken by the various Arab analysts from all over the Arab world Saudi Arabia and Israel is doing something that they have not yet told the world.

Peace Deal between Israel & Saudi Arabia:

Airspace opened Israel’s right to land studied. The Foreign Minister said this upgrade the relationship with Israel after the peace deal. Apparently, it is being said that Saudi Arabia and Israel are on the run, and Iran’s enmity is being told behind them. They both don’t like Iran that’s why they are together. But this seems like an excuse. 

Now, why seems like an excuse. Behind this, I will tell you two recent things which took place in Ramadan this year. The MCB group in Saudi Arabia. The MCB group runs a different TV channel. There will two plays on it. The one play is Except seven. This is a comedy play. This drama may have created that situation in which we want to do business with Israel or have a better time with Israel.

Those people who say do not trade with Israel and do not keep time are your enemies. Israeli does not your enemy. People who stop you from going forward are your enemy. In this play, this debate was deliberately released at different times. This drama was not only shown in Saudi Arabia rather also shows all-rounder of land. This is all done by the policy. There is a lot of confusion or anger in the Arab world.


The second play is Um-H-Haroon. This play also shows in Saudi Arabia. The character of a nurse is shown and it is said that Jews and Arabs were brought closer.they are very closer to each other. The Arabs had no enmity with the Jews in the past. Rather give Reference of 1940 and before of it. And manage all this with the help of a nurse character.

Now this propaganda is being run in Saudi Arabia. The Arab public is fully reacting in both plays. The public is very self-respect by itself. The Arab public would not allow this propaganda to continue. They will protest and Voices were raised on social media. The Saudi government said in a statement by press agency that the meeting was held of the Saudi cabinet and it was decided that Saudi Arabia will always stand by the Palestinians.

Saudi Arab in Under United States and the Israel:

At the moment, Saudi Arabia is largely under the control of the United States and the Israeli government. And Saudi Arabia wants to upgrade its relationship with Israel. On the other hand, Israel does not want to back down for his dream of greater Israel. And the plans of Israel never back down greater Israel dream go to near Madina Manvera never back down.

I told you with help of map how is Israel control the land of Palestine land in the last 50 years. It had ruined the whole country near Israel.

Now his eyes are on Saudi Arabia, how to seize the land near another country which is promised in the knowledge he has or the information he has. So this is the plan of Israel or exiting a relationship with Saudi Arabia. We see silence in Saudi Arabia over the worst atrocities against the Palestinians. The Arab world in particular is now quietly saying that they no longer challenge Israel.

Israel Destroyed Muslim Country Palestine:

Israel is constantly oppressing the Palestinians, attacking them, and using dangerous weapons on them, and Imposes religious restrictions, and the seed kills for Division of the Islamic World. The whole world understands what has happened to women and children. This is all done in Israel by a policy. And all strong and big Arab countries will not ready to challenge Israel. The big reason is that all Arab countries disagree. This has gradually been injected into all these rulers of Arab countries.public of all Arab Countries

Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, Sham, Libyan, Judah are standing with the Palestine people. But Israel controls very well of ruler group. And that is the secret of success. Now I hope all of you understand how Israel controls the Saudi Arabia government and relation with them.

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Poker Game ~ 5 Benefits That You Can Enjoy


If you have never played online poker, you may not be aware of the benefits of online poker. For example, it can help you make money, especially if you want to play this game online. Other than that, poker can help improve many of your skills such as emotional control, money management, and patience, to name a few. It is also considered a fascinating game. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of playing this game.

5 Poker Benefits

1. Improve Your Concentration:

One of the most important skills you need for poker is concentration. The main focus should be on the details, including cards and opponents.

Also pay attention to your body movements and facial expressions. It helps you understand their moves better and beat them.

2. Better Emotional Maturity

While playing poker, you will experience many emotions, such as anxiety, excitement, stress, and emotions. Here are some of the emotions you feel. You should also understand your emotions and try to hide them.

In fact, poker is on the list of games that test your ability to control your emotions. Keep in mind that you can’t always win. Keeping this factor in mind is therefore also a great idea.

3. Excellent Observation Skills

Another big advantage of playing poker is that it helps improve memory significantly. That is, it helps develop a logical approach to problem solving. In this game, poker players need to observe the body movements and facial expressions of their opponents.

4. Better Decision Making

We know that poker involves intense competition. With confidence and ambition, you can succeed. During play you have to make fairly quick decisions. In fact, the hardest part is controlling yourself under pressure. If you make the wrong decision, you risk losing money.

This is why it is important to make the best decision, no matter how much pressure you apply. Make sure you are a patient and use your observational skills to make the best decisions. No matter how hard you try, you can’t win every game. So when you lose you have to be patient.

5. Excellent Financial Management Skills

Money management is necessary because this game includes money. If you run out of money, you will not be able to continue the game. In fact, you need to have enough money in your savings account. It takes a little discipline to use savings. Therefore, you should consider this carefully. If that makes sense, you’ll never run out of money. Cash Management helps you better understand the importance of Cash Management.

In short, if you’ve never played poker in life, now is a good time to do so, especially if you want to enjoy the benefits described in this article. More Satisfaction, you can watch this video which will give much more information about Playing Poker Online

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Quaid-e-Azam is still criticized in Israeli newspapers for his support of the Palestinians.


Pakistan cannot recognize Israel unless UN resolution resolves Palestine issue.

Islamabad (Newstainment newspaper latest. August 13, 2020) Israeli newspapers still criticize Quaid-e-Azam because he always supported the Palestinians, the United Arab Emirates recognized Israel, for the first time as a result of the occupation of Palestine. Diplomatic relations will be established between the emerging Israel and a Gulf country. According to the details, the United Arab Emirates has recognized Israel under the agreement reached with the cooperation of the United States.

It has been reported that for the first time, diplomatic relations will be established between Israel and a Gulf Islamic country. Apart from the United Arab Emirates, two Islamic countries, Jordan and Egypt, also have relations with Israel. A special tweet from the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, on Thursday confirmed the peace agreement with Israel.

Commenting on this, well-known journalist Hamid Mir said in his Twitter message that “Quaid-e-Azam is still criticized in Israeli newspapers because he always supported the Palestinians. Some Arab countries should recognize Israel even if Pakistan.” It cannot recognize Israel until the Palestinian issue is resolved in accordance with UN resolutions. “

On the other hand, a tweet from Mohammed bin Zayed said that during a joint telephone conversation with the US President and the Israeli Prime Minister, it was agreed that Israel would stop the occupation of more Palestinian territories. He also agreed to take steps for the rehabilitation of the victims. Earlier, the US president announced that a peace agreement had been reached between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Laptop Buying Guide – What to Look Out for When Buying a New Laptop

Laptop Buying Guide
Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide (2020)

There are different types of laptops on the market, so buying a new laptop is not an easy task. We are given some Laptop Buying Guide in this article. It only confuses people in choosing the best for themselves. There are too many choices. We aim to make this process easier by providing a set of criteria (non-budget basis) that people should consider before buying a new device. These are some of those important ones.

1. Size:

Laptop sizes range from 12 inches to 17 inches. However, it all depends on how the device is used. Therefore, it is important to choose the ideal size. Devices in the 12 to 14 inch range are not only portable, but also thinner and lighter than other devices.

These include EliteBooks and Ultrabooks. The size of a conventional laptop is around 15.6 inches, which is a good balance of portability and power. Once the keyboard is removed and folded, the convertible device turns into a tablet. Some also have a touchscreen option. These devices are available for almost all brands including HP, DELL, ASUS, LENOVO.

2. Processor:

In Laptop Buying Guide, Most of the devices are equipped with Intel Core processors such as i3, i5, i7 and i9 series. You can search for the one that matches your needs. The i3 series laptops are powerful enough to handle all the basic tasks.

However, the i5 processor is mostly found in most high-end laptops. The i7 is for those who need the best performance from their machine. In contrast, i9 is even more powerful than i7.

3. RAM:

You can always upgrade your new laptop’s RAM. Almost all devices have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. However, you should consider at least 8GB or 16GB of RAM if you are using heavy apps.

4. Storage:

In Laptop Buying Guide, Another important thing to consider when buying a new laptop is storage where you don’t want your device to run out of storage space. Many laptops used to use hard drives, but today’s machines have Solid State Drives (SSDs).

SSDs are fast and can improve the overall performance of the device. Data can be loaded faster when the system boots. So if you’re looking for a new laptop, try looking for a device that comes with an SSD.

5. Other Considerations:

When looking for a new laptop, look for a few other factors, such as battery life, screen quality, keyboard features, build quality, and more. These features are great additions for finding the perfect laptop.

Jimmy Lai Arrested Hong Kong Tycoon tells protesters to be very careful


Mr Lai said he did not regret his arrest – but warned young protesters to be careful

Hong Kong mogul Jimmy Lai – the most prominent person to be detained under a controversial new security law – warned young protesters they had to be “more careful” now.

Mr. Lai was arrested on Monday and his newspaper offices were attacked by hundreds of police officers, in scenes that shocked many.

Speaking after his release on bail, Mr. Lai told that he believed his arrest was “just the start”.

There will be “a long struggle” for Hong Kong freedoms, he added.

Mr. Lai, who has been a leading pro-democracy voice and supporter of the protests that erupted last year, is the owner of Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong’s most widely read newspapers.

He and nine other activists were arrested Monday on allegations of collusion with foreign forces under a national security law imposed by China in June.

The wave of arrests has raised fears that China is using the new law to undertake a broad crackdown on pro-democracy activists and Hong Kong media figures.

‘More frightening’

Speaking to Newshour on the BBC World Service, Mr Lai said he was surprised to see police arrive at his home on Monday morning.

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Media captionHong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai released on bail

Although he had been arrested before, it was “more frightening” because it fell under the national security law imposed by China, he said.

His two sons were also arrested on “false charges,” he said, adding that he had no regrets about his pro-democracy activism.

“When I was in custody I couldn’t sleep… I thought, if I knew this was going to happen to me now [with] even more difficulty [on the way], would I have done the same?

I wouldn’t have done things any other way – that’s my character, he added.

However, he warned the protesters that they should now be “more careful in our resistance to preserve our rule of law and our freedom” as the sweeping new security law made the environment more dangerous for activists.

“We have to be more careful and creative in [our] resistance… we cannot be as radical as before – especially the young – because the more radical [we are] the shorter lifespan we have in our fights.

“We really have to use our brains and our patience because it’s a long struggle. “

The arrest of Mr. Lai was hailed by Chinese state media, which described him as a “supporter of the riots” and his publications as “inciting hatred, spreading rumors and defaming the Hong Kong authorities. and the continent for years ”.

Who else has been arrested?

Supporters of 23-year-old Agnes Chow began to call her “the real Mulan”

Colleagues of Mr. Lai and two of his sons were among those arrested on Monday.

Meanwhile, prominent young activist Agnes Chow was arrested, along with Wilson Li, who works as a freelance reporter for UK-based ITV News, and activist Andy Li.

Ms Chow was released on bail Tuesday evening and told reporters: “It is very evident that the regime is using the National Security Act to crack down on political dissidents. “