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Krugers Pafuri: Africa Wildlife, National Geographic Documentary HD 2020

krugers pafuri
krugers pafuri

Krugers Pafuri: African Wildlife

At the northern end of the Krugers Pafuri Park Life depends on one thing, water. In the heat and drought, land Cut a reliable path with one ribbon Through the wilderness. It is a lifeline for all living things, big and small. At the peak of the dry season, Everything should come to the river. From dawn to dusk Animals gather on the banks of the Luvuvhu River Passing through many habitats Of the area known as Pafuri. On the sandy banks of the far north Of the world-famous Krugers Safari Park, A white-crowned lob wing is crossing the territory.

He and his colleagues control a half-mile riverbank. The peak of the dry season The water level is the lowest. This is the best time to nest in the sandbank. The river of lapwings is called Luvuvhu. It passes through a very special wilderness Known as Pafuri. Located in the northeast of South Africa Kruger National Park covers about 7,500 square miles. Papuri is located in the northernmost part. Of this expanse. It is sandwiched between two rivers. Limpopo in the north And south Luvuvhu. When you break the bank They nourish the huge floodplain that covers most of Pafuri. Here the lush lowlands feed the herds of pastures.
The iconic forest grows large and green. Where there is less water, harder plants grow Adds to Papuri’s incredible biodiversity. It’s only 1% of the Krugers safari area, Pafuri is home to 75% of the larger park species. Some of these creatures stand out. In species rarely seen in the rest of the reserve To a bunch of symbolic characters. But above all What sets this place apart are the birds of the pafuri.

Over 450 species are building their homes here. The largest variety in Krugers pafuri park. For many tropical African species, This is the southernmost range of their range. It is midwinter and the peak of the dry season. After a prolonged drought, the huge Limpopo River dried up. But Luvuvhu still flows It becomes a busy watering point for both birds and animals. And the lapwings did well to secure a place in the bank. Almost all wild animals Daily trips to the river are included. In this tough time When the morning of Papuri lights up A herd of Waterbucks graze in a wetland floodplain. Males weigh 550 pounds. These are among the heaviest antelopes in Africa.

They fuel the bulk by feeding. From grasses and herbs rich in protein Floodplains are provided during the dry season. All these proteins cause thirst Waterbuck relies most on water of all nutrition. As the day gets hot They will go down to Luvuvhu for a drink. If not a river They could not survive here during the dry season. The river flows from west to east across the park Shape the landscape and attract wildlife. West of the papuri here Deep canyons are carved through the rocks. Known as Lanner Canyon It is evidence of the steady flow of Luvuvhu for thousands of years.

Further down to the east The rock wool advances to the sandy river bed. Young bull elephant here Arrived early to quench your thirst. Green onions boasting a perennial water source and green growth It is famous for its resident elephant herd. But this bull left his herd Now I am living a more lonely life. Social contact is an essential part of elephant life He would have had the first 15 years. With his mother, siblings, aunts, and cousins. As he goes down the river He sniffs the air for traces of other elephants. If you can find another bachelor group He can join them for fellowship.

But now I am alone. Right downstream, Another group of social creatures makes the house. The bald bee-eater lives in a small family. Consisting of breeding pairs And up to 5 related birds It helps to raise cubs. If it rains in early summer within a few months Dig more nests like this on the riverbank It lays eggs. Rain will spark worm life There will be a lot of food to feed the chicks. Now adults can support themselves To insects around the river. Little water in Luvuvhu Enough to attract a variety of waterfowl. Each starts the day by finding food in their own way. A pair of African jacanas delicately tread the water’s edge. Their long toes help distribute weight. To the floating plant life. Together the pair controls the territory along the bank Provides all the insects you need. A pair of Egyptian goose fodder on aquatic plants It is growing in the river.

They are trapped and eat the most delicious food. Hamerkop takes a more measured approach. He is chasing creatures that live in river vegetation. He prefers a tadpole breakfast But he also catches underwater invertebrates. In the case of a three-row plover, it is all about covering the ground. He moves fast They peck the surface of the water to find insects and their larvae. You will need a lot of these little prey to fill your tummy. Some are enjoying a sufficient supply of food in the river, The Great Egret is looking for something more tricky. It is chasing fish and amphibians, but they are difficult to understand. Perhaps the other point is more productive. Preparing for strike But it fails again.

With one last effort, he comes up with a piece. Not much, but it’s a start. Most birds eat small creatures, Here are some other people looking for larger prey. The banks are lined with the scaly corpses of Nile crocodiles. Get in the sun. Because the Limpopo River in the north is dry Many crocodiles moved to Luvuvhu. Here the water flows deep enough to support them. It is best known for ambushing prey under the water. But crocodiles also eat fish. They use their powerful tails to chase prey underwater. Despite their terrifying appearance, many other creatures It looks comfortable with alligators. Sharpen the fluttering contrast of the butterfly With tough reptiles. It gathers to filter out nutrients.

In the muddy puddle of the bank. The winged gathering attracts its own crowd. Bee-eater. Tricky birds Scrape off the wings before feeding. The bee-eater family will join forces with neighboring families To protect the hunting area From other bee-eaters. The river becomes a magnet for insects during the dry season And bee-eaters There is no risk of sharing a private grocery store. To many animals, Pafuri offers a lot more than Luvuvhu. A teenage bull leaves the river. Going through the bush, looking for a colleague. But he doesn’t go far before his stomach distracts him. A mature elephant bull weighs up to 5 tons. His dinner plate-sized feet Specially evolved to support this enormous weight Thick cushion of fat and fibrous tissue Absorbs pressure. His stem is the perfect tool to get the best leaves. High tree. Riverside plants This is the first snack of his day for the company. Papuri has many other food reserves for elephants. Especially including one kind of tree That the park is famous for.

Known as fever tree Their soft yellow-green husk is unmistakable. Discovery of early settlers People who travel or live near this tree I have a terrible fever. They blamed the tree itself for disease. But the blame is wrong. Fever trees prefer moist areas and often grow near swamps. The real killer’s favorite breeding ground- Mosquitoes that carry malaria. A lush stand of picturesque tall fever trees Icon of Pafuri. They thrive on alluvial soils of floodplains.

Water overflows regularly When the river breaks the embankment. This tranquil shady forest It is a favorite feeding place for many at this time of year. A solitary territory is quietly grazing in the thickets. Not far away, huge elephant bulls hinder peace. He walks across the forest in an unpleasant mood. And soon the reason becomes clear. He has an obstacle to his most powerful tools. It’s an old injury to his trunk. Due to the crocodile’s jaw It is more likely to be a poacher’s snare. He cannot fully extend vertically to reach the leaf. But like all elephants He has the power to bring them down to his own level. When he chooses a tree His amazing power takes care of the rest.

If the leaves are on the ground Finally, he can satisfy his excitement of hunger. Fully eaten, he slowly leaves the forest. Beyond the Fever-Tree, A herd of African water buffaloes is grazing outdoors. The grass is tall in the floodplain But at this time it is dry and chewy. This is not the buffalo stage. Prioritize quantity over quality. You can live from a coarser feed than most room wood. The herd is a moving diner for bull pickaxes. Removes pests and parasites. Despite the impressive horns of adults, The pack is wary of predators Buffalo has young people. Eventually, they spent enough time in the open space. Head to the mo pine bush. These dense forests thrive in the highlands of Papua. It adds another habitat to the park. Mo Pine is well known Due to its ability to withstand dry conditions.

A leaf like a butterfly in the heat Fold to reduce sun exposure. It minimizes moisture loss due to evaporation. They are also Pafuri’s fantastic source of protein for animals. But today brown snake eagle Make the most of the golden tree. You can be here for hours. Navigating around with sharp eyes It is my favorite snake food. If you find one You’ll raid down on the farming and fishing villages. Break the snake’s spine and swallow its head first. Now I’m leisurely spreading my feathers And investigate the coming and going below. If there is a raptor like this around The small inhabitants of Papuri should be watched carefully. In the nearby woodland The desolate termite mound is home to a group of dwarven mongooses.

As the day gets hot The adults come out of the oyster one by one. Shared toilet outside the entrance It gives a clear smell signal that this house is occupied. Less than 8 inches long Has little defense against predators, However, a family of 14 looks on each other’s backs. Move to high sentry To get the best possible vantage point Vigilance is the key- There are cubs to protect. They are the dominant male and female offspring It is about 6 weeks old. The whole pack works together to grow them. This includes the important work of babysitting. And the standing guard. The lower female sucks the pups Some have never conceived themselves. The rest of the herd finds food and scrapes it off. With long claws.

In the thickets of dry woodland, There is a lot of food to eat. A millipede is known locally as “shongololo”, It will be a juicy snack. It moves slowly despite the many legs. Must be good to escape Before the mongoose smells Little hunters do most of their gathering on the ground. Millipede makes a lucky choice When climbing trees safely. While the mongoose is hunting Others run slowly and steadily throughout the morning. The Elephant mother is on the move with two young men. They drifted in the herd. To find good feed in dry woodland.

Leaf like a butterfly in heat Fold it up to reduce sun exposure. It minimizes moisture loss due to evaporation. They are also a fantastic source of protein from papuri for animals. But today brown snake eagle Make the most of the golden tree. You may be here for hours. Navigating around with sharp eyes This is my favorite snake food. Find one It will raid rural villages. Break the snake’s spine and swallow its head first. Now I’m spreading my feathers leisurely And investigate what goes down and down. If there is a raptor like this around The small inhabitants of Papuri should be carefully observed.

Near in the forest The desolate termite mound is home to a group of dwarven mongooses. As the day gets hotter The adults come out of the oyster one by one. Public restroom outside the entrance It gives a clear smell sign that this house is occupied. Less than 8 inches Has little defense against predators, However, a family of 14 looks at each other’s backs. Go to high sentry To get the best vantage point Vigilance is the key. There are cubs to protect. They are the dominant male and female offspring It is about 6 weeks old. The whole pack works together to grow. This includes the important work of babysitting. And standing guard. Lower female sucks offspring Some people have never imagined themselves.

The rest of the herd finds and scrapes food. With long claws. In the thickets of dry woodland, There is a lot of food to eat. A millipede is known locally as “shongololo”, It will be a juicy snack. It moves slowly despite the many legs. I think it’s good to escape Before you smell the mongoose Little hunters do most of their gathering on the ground. Millipede makes a lucky choice When climbing trees safely. While the mongoose is hunting Others are running slowly and steadily throughout the morning. The Elephant mother is moving with two young people. They drifted in the herd. To find good feed in the dry forest

Although the young calf is the offspring of cattle. Always be close to her for safety. Whereabouts of another calf mother It’s difficult to say, but it’s a sad possibility. Poachers killed her for tusks. The three will soon have to rejoin the extended family. The Papuri has a lion Protection within the herd is important for young elephants.

Far from Luvuvhu, several small wetlands remain. This fan formed from spilled surface water During the last rain Enough to withstand the dry season. Towed 6 large bulls. Among them are young bulls. I was in the river this morning The meeting in the water finally gives him a colleague. Heavyweights with injured torso are also here. You can’t compete with the largest of these bachelors. He wears a tracking collar Researchers have followed him In the last 10 years. He is now in his prime at around 45 years old. I have been picking up my own scars for a long life. If everything goes well, he can live up to about 60 years old. The other bull gives him enough space. In water to quench thirst.

Bull with injured torso Learned to live with his handicap. To get maximum suction power He dips his torso in the water at an angle. This closes the wound so it does not suck in air. But when he sprinkles it in his mouth it is defeat. It is equivalent to an elephant. Drinking through a straw with holes. With this constant obstacle His agitation from early that day Easy to understand. However, nothing calms an elephant like a trip to the water. And it always includes good bouncing. The tree serves as your favorite scratching post. And the last layer of dust Protects from the hot afternoon sun.

When the elephant is over It is the birds of the papuri that make the splash. Fork tail drone expensive self bath Jump into the water for a while before flying away It’s the epitome of fast water play. A bunch of small impalas arrive for a quick drink. They bow their heads to the water and are vulnerable. Go quickly. With the onset of the midday heat, many people in Papuri look for water. The afternoon is particularly busy on the banks of the Luvuvhu river. The river attracts all of Pafuri’s diverse lives. It includes some that are rarely seen elsewhere on the continent. Nyala is a particularly shy nutrition. It usually sticks to dense forested areas near water. The riverside forests here are the perfect habitat for them. Even if you are thirsty They are careful around the water. This is alligator territory. Across the river, The female Nyala arrived with her two offspring.

They are as cautious as males and for good reason. Young alligators are probably too small to catch their mother. But it could be a chance for fawn And they don’t take any risk. Down Stream of Lush Waterbuck Their young people also arrived. Even in winter, temperatures can exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The soft, moist sand relieves coolness. Most of it in the water comes with the company. However, the old buffalo bull arrived alone. He retired from the race for life You no longer have to wait for hundreds of pack mates. To quench their thirst before he leaves. He is not the only old man in the bank. The boar’s massive face mass proves his age. Quench your thirst and turn your attention to food. It is difficult for green grass to come out in the deep dry season. And Warthogs seize the chance for a good meal. Riverside growth is a valuable source of food. For some, banks offer special treatment. Acacia seed pods are a favorite snack. For Chacma Baboon.

Arms as long as legs Baboons have evolved to be able to walk on the ground Than any other monkey. But young people Completely comfortable in the wood Even when choosing a path through the thorns. For all animals, rivers provide food and water And some relief from the afternoon heat. For birds, the constant flow serves another important purpose. Most birds need a bath Keep your feathers in top condition for flight. River It’s one of the few places you can do that at this time of year. And they make the most of the purification flow. The white-crowned lapwing falls into an afternoon bath. Bathing isn’t the only important part of maintaining your feathers. Others in the river trying to get rid of dirt and parasites. Each feather is carefully arranged in a suitable location. Woolly stork One of the largest birds in the river today But it is dwarfed by its cousin, the Birds Beak Stork.

It can reach 5 feet in height. Like all other creatures Big birds are attracted to Luvuvhu by the charm of the water. 11 pound white backed eagle Drink water and take a bath every day. However, of all Pafuri’s birds, one species dominates the nest. As the name implies The African Fish Eagle specializes in catching fish. Unlike small birds, low flow rivers Little food is served here. However, eagles are resourceful. They prey on a variety of small creatures. Includes waterfowl. They are also fearless thieves. Steal other people’s prey as big as a saddle beaked stork.

Article Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/

All this makes them powerful river companions. For other species. Like everyone here, they should drink too. Water droplets of the river here Enough to meet the needs of birds. But there is one inhabitant of Papuri. Whose needs are much greater. Hippos need deep enough water To completely sink their great bodies. In the dry season Few places this exist in Pafuri. Where Luvuvhu meets Limpopo’s dry bed, In the eastern corner of the papuri It formed a natural dam deep enough to hold hippopotamus pods. These giant animals have sensitive skin. Most of the time in the water To escape from solar heat This bull is in charge here. If he had to claim his control You can open your chin to 150 degrees It reveals a 20-inch long tusk.

Now I am taking a pod and relaxing in cool water. When Luvuvhu is over Riverbed of the great Limpopo It glows white in the afternoon sun. Known as Crook Corner This point forms the boundary between the three countries. Southwest from South Africa, Zimbabwe to the northeast, Mozambique to the east. From here the Luvuvhu River ends. Flowing steadily to the east Meet boundaries that cannot be crossed In the wide sands of Limpopo. For Pafuri’s creatures, Luvuvhu did the job. Water on another hot, dry day. When the evening comes Waterbuck is returning and grazing in the floodplain. They enjoy the cool and calm end of the day. A young elephant mother and cub found a herd.

They appear to cross the plains to drink in the river. At the bank of Luvuvhu Baboon troops spend some time on the shore Before going to bed before heading to the top of the tree. The river is a picture of peace until the elephants come here. The cool, soft sand is a welcome relief after long, hot days. Luvuvhu’s bank is a place of reunion. Earlier, the baby found her mother I enjoy the river by her side. The herd takes time to refuel with food and water. As long as Luvuvhu keeps flowing Through this special reserve Pafuri’s creatures will thrive Despite the harshness of the dry season. Heavy rain will come sooner or later. Rim Popo flows again Floods will flood the plains to spur new growth. Until then, elephants and others can find everything they need. Along the banks of Pafuri’s eternal lifeline.

Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact?

Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact?

hey guys! its Amy people are always asking me once I tell them what I do for a living. whether or not we’ve really found aliens and NASA just isn’t telling us. Well, not but there’s weirdly a little bit of history that could support that today on vintage space. so the report that kind of touches on this is the so-called Brooking report.

it was prepared for NASA in 1959 by the Brooking Institution, which is a non-profit public policy organization. that has existed for more than a century at this point the reports formal title is a proposed Studies. It was on the implications of peaceful space activities for human affairs.

NASA Space Activities is Doubtful about Aliens

it’s designed to tell NASA what things it might want to consider going forward in exploring space. Because even though NASA is in the business of exploring space on its own the implications for humanity. Further far greater than the agency itself the motivation behind the report is to try to anticipate. what kinds of spin-offs or fallout from space activity might be really important for lawmakers?

policymakers to consider in the wake of space exploration. it considers a number of different technologies including satellite communications. weather predicting systems and general technological spin-offs from space exploration. it considers things like, what might happen if the Cold War turns into an economic war. As opposed to a technological one with the Soviet Union completely abandoned space flight.

preferring to spend its money at home leaving America the unchallenged nation in space or with. the two nations take on a joint program to keep the overall cost down. the report also mentions the importance for NASA in considering how children view space since the children born. And around the time of Sputnik launch would be the first generation to have grown up with space. Before long they would be voting and looking at careers and they would definitely be influenced by the way space.

Getting Signals from Aliens

Shaped made their childhood and young adulthood and one thing the Brooking report does mention. is what NASA might want to consider doing should it discover alien life. at the time the report was written in 1960 some people had been using radio telescopes to try to hear signals from alien. of course no one had found any and the report suggests that it might be, because any alien civilization might not have the right technology.

But it also admits that it’s possible since we are now beginning to explore space again. we’re in 1960 here that we would maybe find alien life in our own solar system within the next 20 years.  As astronomers start looking at planets around other stars we could find alien life in another solar system. It Before too long as well the report’s authors acknowledge that 4g Network Put on Moon it’s highly unlikely that aliens and humans meet face to face anytime soon.

What Will Happened in Next 20 years on Earth ?

But they still think it’s worth NASA considering what to do should it find alien life anywhere in space be it on the moon Venus or Mars. These being the three bodies that NASA was focusing on in the early 1960s the report considers a couple of different reactions knowing, that no matter what would happen finding alien life.

Nokia wins contract to bring 4G on the moon

Nokia wins contract bring 4G to the moon

Connectivity is essential today. Wherever you are on the planet, you expect to be able to connect to the Internet. Regardless of the technology used. And in Space too, it is important. On the moon too.

The next time you go to the moon and decide to take a photo and post it on social media, you can definitely thank Nokia. Indeed, the Finnish giant has just won a funding of $ 14.1 million from NASA to participate in the deployment of an infrastructure that would precisely provide 4G connectivity on the Moon.

Nokia to help bring 4G on the Moon

Of course, the introduction of this 4G would not aim to allow astronauts to post selfies from the Moon, but the fact that this connectivity is present on our natural satellite would allow many things. Being able to connect to the Internet directly from the Moon should go a long way in helping communications. Better speeds, better reliability and improved distances compared to currently available technologies.

During the early days of the Apollo missions, engineers could only rely on radio communications that passed through a number of networked base stations, relays and other transmitters. Using 4G, if it were to be available, could make the whole system much more efficient.

This should facilitate operations from our natural satellite

And why isn’t 5G being used? However, this connectivity is even faster. The question is quite legitimate. Some 5G technologies may not be able to cover as great distances as 4G. In other words, it would not be the right choice, at least right now. In any case, being able to communicate from space is already a marvel of technology.

Whether it’s via 4G or 5G, it doesn’t really matter, that would be really impressive. There is no doubt that this should significantly simplify the establishment and operation of the future lunar base so desired by NASA.

Nokia Higher speed and more reliable 4g on Moon

The contract, worth $ 14.1 million, was won by Nokia’s US subsidiary in a series of cutting-edge contracts unveiled by NASA on Friday.

“The system will allow communications to the Moon’s surface over greater distances, at greater speed, and more reliably than current standards,” the space agency said in its statement.

Two American astronauts, including a woman, are to walk on the Moon in 2024 during the Artemis 3 mission, and NASA wants to establish a permanent base there, a prelude to a possible mission to Mars. 250 journalists mobilized to inform you: support “Sud Ouest”, subscribe from 1 € per month.

On the moon, that could change soon, as Nokia will be working with NASA on an 4g / LTE mobile phone network on moon. As Nokia’s R&D division, Bell Labs, writes on Twitter, the network is supposed to pave the way for further moon colonization. The network will carry data from the moon to earth, control lunar vehicles, navigate the lunar landscape in real time, and even broadcast HD video.

Ensuring communication on the moon

On the plane, however, you will soon no longer accidentally switch to the moon’s roaming network and have a surprise on your phone bill. Because, as NASA writes in an article on Project Moon, the LTE network is more likely to provide communications on the moon itself. In other words, the communication between a base station and an astronaut or a lunar vehicle.

Relying on established technologies for this is apparently also a question of cost. After all, NASA is bidding for funding for the program, which Nokia’s US division was able to win, for just US $ 14.1 million.

Most of the $ 370 million in research funding goes to companies like Lockheed and SpaceX, which work on rockets and their propulsion systems. Since LTE modems are also very inexpensive and compact, it might be easy to adapt and upgrade the equipment on the moon.

Special requirements for equipment

Bell Labs also communicated on the issuer via its story on Twitter. Because it must be both very compact and robust. In addition, the components must be equipped against moon dust and higher radiation.

For the future, Nokia also plans to build a 4g / 5G network on the moon. This future technology will be characterized by particularly low latencies and could bring advantages in particular in the control of lunar vehicles or gripping devices.

The exact date of the launch of the first LTE network on the moon is not yet known. NASA’s Jim Bridgestone, however, mentioned that astronauts are expected to be working on a lunar base no later than 2028.

Covid-19: Trump takes a car trip, but could he infect his companions?

Trump Covid 19

the President of the United States angered many doctors by taking an outing to greet his supporters even though he is hospitalized because of the coronavirus.

UNITED STATES – The image of a president had to be portrayed at all costs. On Sunday, October 4, Donald Trump briefly greeted Covid 19 his supporters from his car outside the hospital, an exit too risky for the other occupants of the vehicle according to medical experts, on the eve of a possible return of the US president to the White House.

Because this initiative surprised and aroused strong criticism, in particular related to the risk for the agents of the Secret Service – the protection agents of the American president – accompanying him.

“This is madness”

“Everyone in the vehicle during this completely unnecessary presidential outing must be quarantined for 14 days,” said James Phillips of the George Washington University Department of Medicine. “They can get sick. They can die. For political theater. Ordered by Trump to put their lives in danger for this theater. This is madness”.

Zeke Emanuel, a television expert and chairman of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, tweeted: “Having his Secret Service agents drive a Covid-19 patient, who more is with closed windows, puts them at unnecessary risk of infection. And why? A publicity stunt ”.

And Dr. Phillips added in a second tweet that the presidential vehicle was anything but trivial. Protective against chemical attack, it is much better insulated than any other car, which means that the virus circulation is even more marked. “Such a level of irresponsibility is mind-blowing.”

On the same social network, another doctor, Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine at George Washington University, added: “In the hospital, when we are in contact with a patient with covid-19, we wear equipment complete anti-contagion, gloves, masks, eye protection, a specific mask …. Insisting on the fact that the president’s doctors should have opposed this exit, he concluded by explaining: “We can see well there the extent of their irresponsibility. ”

“The Madness of King Trump Got Covid 19”

The spokesperson for the presidency nevertheless assured that “appropriate” precautions had been taken to protect Donald Trump and his entourage, in particular protective equipment. “The discharge has been validated by the medical team as safe,” added Judd Deere.

Despite this timid justification, in the American media, the presidential spree absolutely did not pass. For example, the Los Angeles Times published an editorial in which the Californian daily compared Donald Trump’s whim to “The Madness of King George”, a 1994 film which recounts the medical masquerade intended to serve the public image of George III, king. England in declining mental health at the end of the 18th century.

Shortly after this discharge, the White House reported that the president had returned to the hospital. “I learned a lot about the Covid, I learned it by experiencing it myself, it is the school of life”, he for his part declared Donald Trump in a video message. posted on Twitter about Covid 19, thanking his doctors and the “great patriots” who watch over him outside.

After two nights in the hospital, cautious optimism prevailed this Sunday among those around him, even if the White House doctor finally admitted that his patient’s initial condition had been more serious than what had been officially declared at the end. last week.

The truth about Trump’s health has been hidden Covid 19

Doing an about-face compared to his press briefing on Saturday, Doctor Sean Conley has indeed confirmed that Donald Trump had indeed needed an additional supply of oxygen on Friday, for about an hour, at the White House, an episode judged worrying enough to decide on hospitalization in the evening.

“I was worried about a potentially rapid progression of the disease, I recommended the president supplementation with oxygen,” said Sean Conley, who says Donald Trump was not short of breath, however. The doctor admitted that he had not revealed this incident the day before to project an “optimistic” image. While Presidential Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, at the same time, told reporters the previous 24 hours had been very worrying.

Sean Conley also announced that on Saturday morning another episode of declining oxygen saturation had occurred. Also on Saturday, doctors gave the president a third treatment, dexamethasone, a corticosteroid effective against severe forms of covid-19, in addition to the antiviral remdesivir and the experimental cocktail from Regeneron, which were administered as of Friday.

Despite this, the medical team said on Sunday that the improvement in symptoms was such that they were preparing for Donald Trump’s return to the White House, pperhaps as early as Monday, where he could continue including injections of remdesivir, the intravenous treatment to last five days. “Our hope is to get him out of the hospital tomorrow and continue his treatment from the White House,” said one of the team’s doctors, Dr Brian Garibaldi.

A decisive phase in the coming days

Sean Conley, however, declined to describe the state of Donald Trump’s lungs, with the question of the aftermath of such a heavy burden as the presidency of the United States. He only replied, “We made some expected observations, but nothing major from a clinical point of view.”

Donald Trump thus applied Sunday to give the image of a president admittedly hospitalized, but at work, and even “firmly in control”, according to Robert O’Brien, his national security adviser, on the television channel CBS. He’s started tweeting and calling again, as witnessed by his son Eric, advisor Jason Miller, and Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro.

The septuagenarian broadcast photographs of him “at work” from the hospital, and he posted two videos from the hospital. On Saturday evening, he admitted that the next few days would be “the real test”, covid-19 being notorious for the sudden degradation that some patients undergo after a tolerable initial phase.

The 10 hair problems we all have

The 10 hair problems we all have

Our hair, we love it, but it still makes life difficult. Relatively irritating with a tendency to capricious, they are not always easy to control, especially when the elements are fierce. Let’s face it, we have all been, if only once, confronted with these little hair problems …

The gust of wind

one of 10 Hair Problems ,We just spent an hour on our brushing this morning. He is perfect, irreproachable. We cross the door, and there bang, a gust of wind! And now, our hairstyle does not look like anything anymore, we just have to tie them …

The damn gloss

In addition to having spent an hour taking care of our hair, we put the package on makeup, and we even made the effort to put on gloss. When the wind comes to tangle our hair and stick it on our lips, the sensation is terrible!

The alarm clock

Some nights it seems like our hair is going to party without us. We wake up, we arrive in front of the mirror, and there is the drama: they are disheveled as ever. And let’s go for a good half hour trying to overcome all those knots and bumps. Always pleasant as an activity in the morning.

The heat of summer Hair Problems

Our hair is beautiful, so we show off around the pool, leaving it loose, like a mermaid. But in reality, we are dying of heat. It has about the same effect on us as a beanie. Over the course of the day, our pretty mane changes little by little to give way to a mass of shapeless and oily hair. The top.

Dandruff on the black top

Being with dandruff is one of our top 5 hair anxieties. And when in addition it falls the day when we decided to bet on a total black look, it’s the tragedy! Fortunately, there are solutions to get us out of this embarrassing situation. We then put on an anti-dandruff shampoo which will eliminate dandruff from our scalp. Phew, we’re saved!

The passion of children haven’t hair Problems

It’s a fact: kids love to play with our hair. Woe to you if you forget your rubber band, you are doomed … They touch them, chew them and pull them. But what do they all have with it?

Driving rain

The weather is definitely not our friend. The sun makes us hot, the wind takes our hair off our hair … And the rain has the gift of making us mad, too, totally ruining our hairstyle. The wet dog look? We love…

The frizz

Humidity has the power to totally change our appearance. Indeed, on contact, our hair turns into a cluster of frizz. Or worse: they wave, curl, but not in the most beautiful way. Goodbye pretty brushing …

Static electricity

For no apparent reason, sometimes we end up with the hair standing on end. And there, we must then choose between passing a few drops of water on our hair and exposing ourselves to possible frizz, or staying with this slightly ridiculous hairstyle. The choice is tough.

10 The arrival of white hair Problem / the return of the roots

If it hasn’t happened yet, we won’t be able to escape it: one day our first white hair will point the tip of its nose. Those who have already had time to recover from their emotions now have a new problem to deal with, the return of white roots after coloring! check Best Supplements for Hair to Get Most Charming Hair.

Hair problems: The best natural remedies and supplements


Best Supplements and natural remedies to remedy hair problems

Dandruff, baldness, brittleness and bleaching of hair can be linked to a poor diet, genetic predisposition or, quite simply, aging.

Hair is mostly made of keratin, a fibrous protein also found in nails. To have healthy hair, nutrient-rich blood is needed to supply the follicles, the small organs where hair and hair are formed. These grow about 1 cm per month; a hundred of them are lost a day, but fortunately they are most often always replaced. The problems appear when they stop growing, become dry and brittle, and excessive scalp flaking forms dandruff.

What are the possible causes of hair problems?

Regarding hair loss, besides stress, poor diet and hormonal changes, we can cite genetic factors, a weakened immune system, a thyroid insufficiency and specific nutritional deficiencies by Color Dry Hair; some medical treatments, including cancer chemotherapy, can cause hair to fall out.

In some cases, the use of home remedies and nutritional supplements can gradually reduce hair problems.

Find the Best Supplements for Damaged Hair Problems

– These natural remedies and supplements encourage regrowth by nourishing the root. But be patient, you will probably only see the long-term effects.

– These substances being moisturizing, they relieve itching and fight flaking, properties which also make them very useful in the fight against eczema and psoriasis of the scalp. Vitamins and minerals can also slow hair loss.

– The hair is very sensitive to the imbalance between vitamins and minerals. While a lack of vitamin A causes scalp flaking, prolonged excess intake (30 mg per day) can lead to hair loss. Therefore, strictly adhere to the recommended doses of vitamins and minerals, and consult your doctor if you lose hair after treatment.


– Thyroxine can act on hair loss caused by thyroid insufficiency.

– Hair losing thickness can be a sign of a poor functioning of the digestive system.

– Taking 1 or 2 capsules of probiotics twice a day can stimulate the functions of assimilation of the nutrients necessary for the beauty of the hair.

The best supplements and natural remedies for hair problems


Fish oils

Fish oils and evening primrose oil play a beneficial role due to their content of essential fatty acids; the former are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which give hair their shine and tone.

Dose: 2 capsules per day, or 600 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Warning: do not exceed the dose if you are taking anticoagulants.

Evening primrose oil

Like fish oils, evening primrose oil plays a beneficial role due to its essential fatty acid content

Dose: 500 mg 3 times a day.

Namely: can be replaced by 500 mg of borage oil once a day.


Zinc for its part stimulates the thyroid, whose hormonal secretion insufficient makes the hair brittle and thinning. Copper should always be associated with zinc so that a balance between these two trace elements is maintained in the body. It is also very useful for the hair: it is an essential component of melanin – a pigment that is involved in their coloring as in that of the skin, and whose deficiency could be responsible for bleaching the hair.

Dose: 15 mg per day.

Warning: If you are taking a zinc supplement for more than 1 month, choose one that contains 1 mg of copper.


Dose: 50 µg per day.

Namely: also effective against oily hair and dandruff; to be taken with group B vitamins.

B vitamins

Biotin and B vitamins keep the scalp in good condition and prevent excessive hair loss, with biotin even encouraging hair regrowth.

Dose: 1 tablet per day during meals.

Caution: Get tablets containing 5 µg of vitamin B12 and 50 µg of biotin, 400 µg of folic acid and 5 mg of each of the other vitamins.


Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), which protects the pilosebaceous follicle and is thought to prevent hair loss, will have the same effect if its prescription is really related to insufficient production of this substance by the body. of the patient. Finally, selenium probably plays the same role.

Dose: 100 mg per day.

Namely: serves to ensure the good condition of the skin and the scalp.

Other tips and advice to remedy your hair problems

    Feedyou suitably. Avoid wacky diets that risk robbing you of essential nutrients.

    Use a mild shampoo. Dry your hair with a non-rubbing towel and apply hair lotion or conditioner.

    Avoid prolonged contact with chemicals such as swimming pool chlorine by wearing a swimming cap, and use the hair dryer and curling iron as little as possible, which emit a lot of heat.

    Put on a hat to protect your hair from the sun.

    Massage your scalp once a week to stimulate blood circulation and relax.

    According to British researchers, smokers of all ages are 4 times more likely to have gray hair than non-smokers; hair loss is also linked to tobacco.

Important: Before taking any supplements, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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Imran Khan Confirms Nawaz Sharif Raw’s Agent

Imran Khan Confirms Nawaz Sharif is with India

Nawaz Sharif Raw’s Agent is campaigning against the army from outside the country.: PM Imran Khan’s interview

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister has said that if it were not for the Pakistan Army, the country would have been divided into three parts. Nawaz Sharif is sitting outside the country and campaigning against the army. If I had climbed on it, I would have let it go. According to details, in an interview given to a private TV channel by Prime Minister Imran Khan, it was said that Nawaz Sharif Raw’s Agent has never been a Democrat, the opposition parties do not like democracy.

Nawaz Sharif wanted to be Amir-ul-Momineen, he grew up in a military nursery. Nawaz Sharif has been fighting with every army chief, the agencies used to know about Nawaz Sharif Raw’s Agent thefts, they come to power to make money. I did not grow up in an army nursery like Nawaz Sharif or Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Nawaz Sharif is campaigning against the army from outside the country. If the army chief had attacked Kargil without asking me, I would have fired him: PM Imran Khan’s interview

Nawaz Sharif wanted control over all institutions. Nawaz Sharif has become the second founder of MQM, sitting outside the country and campaigning against the army.

India is helping Nawaz Sharif, the opposition is pressuring him to take NRO, I would prefer to leave power, I will not give NRO The Prime Minister said that India wants to break Pakistan. If it were not for Pakistan Army, the country would have been divided into three parts. India is trying to spread chaos in Gilgit-Baltistan. Everyone knows that India promotes terrorism.

The people of Gilgit-Baltistan want their rights. The Prime Minister says that if I am the elected Prime Minister, who would dare to ask me to resign? The Pakistan Army stands behind the democratic government, ISI and MI are world class agencies. I will use the institution needed to run the government.

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Shahbaz Sharif did not took journalist Seriously

Shahbaz Sharif did not took journalist Seriously

Shahbaz Sharif is not Serious about Politics

Lahore (September 29, 2020) Those who scrutinized the circumstance of Shahbaz Sharif’s capture were shocked by a senior columnist. At whatever point somebody is captured, they are advised to take a gander at the circumstance of the capture, however the circumstance is the equivalent for getting back to the nation. As indicated by subtleties, senior writer Irshad Bhatti, while answering to the pundits who scrutinized the circumstance of the capture of resistance pioneer Shahbaz Sharif, said that at whatever point somebody is captured, the main activity is to check the circumstance of the capture. This is a planning.

Shahbaz Sharif did not took journalist Seriously

The senior columnist said in a message on Twitter that this implies at whatever point, at whatever point you need, re-visitation of the nation, the circumstance for getting back to the nation is the equivalent, however there ought to be a particular planning to get the returnees, and this planning ought to be hung tight for. ۔

Furthermore on Shahbaz Sharif

Prior, he had tweeted about the contention that emitted after the capture of Shahbaz Sharif.

He composed that the discussion was going on whether the PML-N would leave the PML-N or become the PML-N. Condemning the discussion, the senior columnist composed that it ought to be an issue of why party president Shahbaz Sharif couldn’t respond to the inquiry that he hosted opened get-together records in the names of his own workers. He post why the one billion gathering store given by 60 individuals was eaten up by the House of Sharif.

It might be referenced that the NAB has captured PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif after the between time bail was repudiated in the Lahore High Court for a situation of tax evasion and lopsided resources. A two-part seat of the Lahore High Court involving Justice Sardar Ahmed Naeem and Justice Farooq Haider heard Shahbaz Sharif’s bail request on Monday and conveyed its decision subsequent to hearing itemized contentions.

Subtleties of improvement ventures during the residency of resistance pioneer Shahbaz Sharif were submitted to the court. Shahbaz Sharif’s legal advisor told the court that Shahbaz Sharif spared Rs 1,000 billion from the public exchequer. Until this point in time, he has not gotten a pay as a Member of the Assembly. Shahbaz Sharif’s legal counselor further said that there was no proof in the illegal tax avoidance argument against Shahbaz Sharif and no observer has affirmed that Shahbaz Sharif submitted tax evasion.

NAB about Shahbaz Sharif:

Unexpectedly, the NAB kept up that Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the denounced in the Excess Assets and Money Laundering case, had contrived with other co-blamed, relatives, mysterious people, front men, close partners, representatives and cash transformers. Make resources in abundance of Rs. 7328 million under composed illegal tax avoidance framework. As indicated by the reference recorded by NAB in the responsibility court, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif assumed a critical function in making resources through illegal tax avoidance.

The NAB said that in 1990, the blamed had proclaimed his money resources for Rs 2.121 million while by 1998, his money (resources of his small kids arrived at Rs 14.865 million). Subsequent to assuming control over the administration present from 2008 on 2018, when the charged Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was the Chief Minister of Punjab, his family obtained resources worth Rs 7,328 million during that period. Under the support of Sharif Group of Companies, 13 new organizations were set up and a speculation of Rs. 2770 million was made.

These organizations incorporate Messrs. Sharif Fed, Messrs. Chiniot Power, Messrs. Al Arabiya Sugar Mills, Messrs. Sharif Dairy Farms and different organizations, the wellsprings of pay of these organizations were obscure. The blamed set up mysterious organizations including Messrs. Goodness Trading Company Pvt. Ltd., Messrs. Unitas Steel Pvt. Ltd., Messrs. Waqar Trading Company and Messrs. Nisar Trading Concern (named after representatives of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Nisar Ahmed and Ali Ahmed).

Black Money:

These organizations supposedly laundered cash worth Rs 2,400.088 million. As per NAB, the blamed purchased unfamiliar resources including 96 H Model Town Lahore, Nishat Lodge Donga Gali, manors in Wispring Pines and a house in DHA Lahore at an expense of Rs 619.858 million. With regards to defending the benefits of Rs. 7328 million got wrongfully, the denounced and his relatives demonstrated unfamiliar settlements of Rs. 1597 million and an advance of Rs. 1010 million. Nonetheless, this end up being bogus. That cash was not sent to the blamed and his family from abroad while the credit likewise end up being a bogus source despite the fact that the borrowers were paid by the representatives of Sharif Group.

Consequently, the benefits obtained through tax evasion added up to Rs. 6122 million which expanded to Rs. 7328 million of every 2018 while the all out pronounced resources of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and his family were Rs. 584.444 million. This shows that the benefits of the denounced and their families surpass their pay. As per the NAB, the blamed introduced counterfeit evidence for money to legitimize resources in overabundance of salary. During the examination, it was discovered that the announced and undisclosed resources of the denounced have become exposed which don’t compare to their pay and their wellsprings of pay have been end up being phony.

Emotional Detachment: Symptoms, Causes & Medicationaly Awareness

Emotional Detachment
Emotional Detachment

Does Someone Need To Emotional Detachment From Their Caregivers To Be Emotionally Available?

It is one thing to attach to someone in relation. But to attach someone emotionally detachment is one another thing. Sometimes we think that we are attached to someone and wish to attach with him/her in relation. But by the time we realize that it is just emotional attachment.

 it is considered that if we are in a relationship so every part of us is also involved in it. So it same like that if we are wet our hand in a sea so we image that our full-body are wet.

There is a big difference between them:

If someone shares physically him/herself with another one but not attach with the heart. They can talk about this what they want, what they are doing. What is missing in them? But if they have only physical sharing so they never express their feeling and emotions. There is defiantly missing the most important part between them.

So when this situation will be happening so that time which they pass together, that not fully with happiness. The experiment that they learn with each other it’s just for time pass. But this will also happen for this time pass they are deiced to live together. But its only emotional attachment not from the heart.

Weak information:

It is possible whatever is going it is just a normal thing for them and that why they want to stand with them. Sometimes a little bit caring or something that happened they wish to carry on their relationship like this.

Then the relationship is going so long or deep but they never understand that what is missing in their relationship. So when they come to the friendship they do not much deeper as it is.

As usual:

Bypass the time, their relationship comes to that point when they think the partner of them not giving that which is enough for them. The balm to each other for that. It is possible the partner is the more open heart from the starting of relation or it may be open heart by the time pass.

It will be happy to carry on as it their thoughts, thanks to each other they are not in touch to carry deeper their realtionship.and this relations ship may be good or fine in their eyes.

Refusal to accept: 

If one was thinking both of them to change their relationship and get closer to their partners they start to think about how to express the feeling in inner tension. On that point, they think that their partner wants much more or needy.

Then one of them is needed to open up this expression and not close by emotional detachment or their partner has the power to solve these issues. If one partner was to dig deep, they may find that the thought of getting emotional detachment close to their partner causes them to feel trapped and smothered.

Starting stage:

if they want to move the next stage of their relationship so it is essential for them they must be understood that some emotional work has been left to do. If one of them does not do this work so another partner must be compromised for the partner or tolerate them that is true server them.

If they are move on so they must need awareness about this what is going on or what is the main thing they left? So in that way, it will end up for that stage when they learn some experience themselves and this is the way they understand what is going on.

Deep thinking:

First of all, one of them is the need to know why he/she was tried so much for love? Why does he/she need to received and give love? Why he/she close up emotional for love? Secondly, they need to know why their partner is waiting too much to express their desire for more depth.

When the first step is complete so that means they have learned enough experience that has been much for a handle for them.afterr they disconnecting their bodies and shutting down emotional detachment.

A sadness stage:

This is that time when they needed love and care and they do not receive them. This may be that happen when they faced some kind of abacus and neglect from one of their caregivers due to a lack of bounders or someone got too close to them.

The second part:

If this is happening so they will understand why their partner needs to come to close to them. So they realize that what they felt in the company of their caregiver who got to close is being brought to the surface by their partner.

When this pain starts one will then unconsciously see their caregiver in the same way as they saw their caregiver all those years ago. So the result is that they will not able to see their partner desires.

Drawing line:

If they knowing that what is going on so they agree to not being long the partner. there is a way to knowing to then one of them must be left an emotional detachment to the caregiver and dam care about what he/she sever for him/her.

This is maybe they never live without them and they also can’t do that, but emotional detachment they will attach with them. 


If one of them wants to change their life and maybe he/she need external support. So this is providing from the assistance of a therapist or healer. With over two thousand, five hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.