Basic Things To Know Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition and Dietetics are important to overall Health:

Diet is something we eat randomly whereas a balanced diet is termed as selecting the portion size from all five food groups. Balanced diet is as important for an individual as breathing because it fuels your body, now it’s all up to you whether you fuel yourself with the best or the worst.

Portrait of beautiful smiling nutritionist looking at camera and showing healthy vegetables in the consultation.

People most probably not even interested in consuming good food with low price but the fancy junk at high price. This is quite hard to digest for an optimistic person that how materialistic we are becoming morally even with our basics too.

A very common phrase usually we all used to use this in our routine as “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” still not even a single person among us consume an apple on a daily basis.

Food is the basic need of our lives. Our food selection decides our loyalty with others and ourselves too. Surprise? You might be thinking how? How is food compared to the person’s loyalty? So, the food or I must say the fuel we choose for yourself or for others plays an important role in our body. If you’re choosing wrong for just a tiny pleasure it will turn out as a guilt in future. It’s not the care or loyalty to make yourself happy for these guilty pleasures as they harm you gradually and kill your inner potential to live lively everyday.

Considering your food as first priority is the level of best love and care you’re providing to yourself and your loved ones. We have some food experts in our society and we call them Dieticians, many of us might not be aware of them. But you can find them around you at any clinical or hospital setting. They are the qualified professionals working with your body’s requirements and treating your medical conditions through Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). They motivate you, counsel you, listen to you and give you solutions about your choices and problems you’re facing during any therapies.

Not even a single diet is made for everyone as every person has different physique, different metabolism, different requirements and different food choices as well as behaviors toward foods like some are foodies and some eat only to live without any eating interest. So always consult your dietician about your healthy meals and their recipes too.

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