5 Things you Need to Know about Women and Tips from Women

Must Know This

Most men will agree that understanding women is a difficult task. More precisely, even women will agree to this statement. You can read millions of books, but you still can’t fully understand a woman. This is why it is often difficult to impress a female person. But it also happens that men don’t even notice that women like him.There is one thing that every man must know very well. Most female populations don’t tell you anything specific. Often, they give you specific clues, and it’s up to you to understand them. But in most cases men don’t understand them, even if they are obvious. This scenario usually leads to a particular dispute. It can often be heard that men say they don’t understand why the fight started.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about those tips. The next time you see them, you will know how to react and what your wife expects of you.

1. They do it Inadvertently

Some people believe that women want to manipulate men, so they give clues, but this is not true. Abusive women use various mechanisms to manipulate you. But the clues we are talking about will never be one of those ways. why?

The answer lies in the fact that trucks are very ineffective. It can even accidentally give clues when a woman wants something. Yes, you heard it. Very often women are used to giving clues to men, so they are almost always unnoticed. If you want, it’s your habit and your way of life. This means that if you learn to understand her suggestions, you can surprise her with your gifts and presents.

2. Discuss Tips with Friends

Sometimes men wonder how many hours a woman can spend talking on the phone with a friend. The answer is that they are talking about a number they cannot control, and their advice is one of them. For example, the couple can share expectations about what to present to them on birthdays and other important days. Not long ago, I saw by chance the bride talking to her friend. It goes without saying that I brought those paintings the next day.

3. Most of your Advice is Missing

The following fact is very sad for both of us. The sad truth is that you are missing most of his tracks. Yes, understanding your suggestions may be very good, but this does not allow you to understand them all yet. Some have already mentioned the reason for this. It is based on the number of clues girls give to men. Unfortunately this is against them. The more clues they give, the more difficult it is to distinguish and understand them. Dear girls, give clues only when you really need them.

4. They may be disappointed because you do

It is not an exaggeration to say that your girlfriend can be very sad if you do not understand her advice. Women, as I said before, think their advice is pretty obvious, and when their men don’t understand it, they don’t listen to it. Start believing. Therefore, loved ones may believe that you are not interested enough in her and simply do not listen to her. The situation is made even worse when you share this information with a friend and find out that your friend’s boyfriend is far superior to you in understanding the advice.

5. There are ways to better understand the tips

Indeed, none of us want to disappoint our partners. So the good news is that you are pretty good at understanding his clues. This task is much simpler at first glance. And you don’t have to have a lot of girlfriends to learn how to do this. Please save your SweetDates account for a while. Your first job is not only to hear it, but to analyze what it tells you. Be especially careful when mentioning what you want to have or have just seen online and like. Also, don’t forget about high ratings and posts on social media.

An effective way to understand it

Our list will help change the focus of the advice they give you. But they don’t help you understand it better. There are several effective ways to understand it. In this way, you will avoid fights and enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

Silence is not as golden as you think

Well, when your girlfriend or wife is quiet, make sure something is wrong. For many men, silence is golden. However, this is another bad approach that requires changes. There is always good reason for her to be silent.

First of all, you should know that they want to chat, even when they say otherwise. Nevertheless, ignoring you probably means doing something wrong. Certain things that a man looks uncomfortable or ignorant of a woman. Unfortunately, many men don’t understand it at first glance.

When this happens, you need to start thinking about the day before. Look at what you did that your girlfriend might consider uncomfortable.

They always want to talk about something

You will often hear her say “I don’t want to speak.” Keep in mind that that sentence is a big lie. As we said, they always want to talk about something. But they only need time to prepare to express their feelings. Always be prepared to listen to what he has to say. If you are not willing to do it, make sure you have a “problem”.

She likes compliments

Do not stop blessing your girlfriend or wife. Even at the age of 20, you don’t have to actively stop sharing. You might hear me complaining about her appearance. But this does not mean that you are really dissatisfied with your appearance. I just want to know from you that she looks cute and attractive to you. If she doesn’t say the praise that she expected, the battle will surely begin.


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