The 10 hair problems we all have

The 10 hair problems we all have

Our hair, we love it, but it still makes life difficult. Relatively irritating with a tendency to capricious, they are not always easy to control, especially when the elements are fierce. Let’s face it, we have all been, if only once, confronted with these little hair problems …

The gust of wind

one of 10 Hair Problems ,We just spent an hour on our brushing this morning. He is perfect, irreproachable. We cross the door, and there bang, a gust of wind! And now, our hairstyle does not look like anything anymore, we just have to tie them …

The damn gloss

In addition to having spent an hour taking care of our hair, we put the package on makeup, and we even made the effort to put on gloss. When the wind comes to tangle our hair and stick it on our lips, the sensation is terrible!

The alarm clock

Some nights it seems like our hair is going to party without us. We wake up, we arrive in front of the mirror, and there is the drama: they are disheveled as ever. And let’s go for a good half hour trying to overcome all those knots and bumps. Always pleasant as an activity in the morning.

The heat of summer Hair Problems

Our hair is beautiful, so we show off around the pool, leaving it loose, like a mermaid. But in reality, we are dying of heat. It has about the same effect on us as a beanie. Over the course of the day, our pretty mane changes little by little to give way to a mass of shapeless and oily hair. The top.

Dandruff on the black top

Being with dandruff is one of our top 5 hair anxieties. And when in addition it falls the day when we decided to bet on a total black look, it’s the tragedy! Fortunately, there are solutions to get us out of this embarrassing situation. We then put on an anti-dandruff shampoo which will eliminate dandruff from our scalp. Phew, we’re saved!

The passion of children haven’t hair Problems

It’s a fact: kids love to play with our hair. Woe to you if you forget your rubber band, you are doomed … They touch them, chew them and pull them. But what do they all have with it?

Driving rain

The weather is definitely not our friend. The sun makes us hot, the wind takes our hair off our hair … And the rain has the gift of making us mad, too, totally ruining our hairstyle. The wet dog look? We love…

The frizz

Humidity has the power to totally change our appearance. Indeed, on contact, our hair turns into a cluster of frizz. Or worse: they wave, curl, but not in the most beautiful way. Goodbye pretty brushing …

Static electricity

For no apparent reason, sometimes we end up with the hair standing on end. And there, we must then choose between passing a few drops of water on our hair and exposing ourselves to possible frizz, or staying with this slightly ridiculous hairstyle. The choice is tough.

10 The arrival of white hair Problem / the return of the roots

If it hasn’t happened yet, we won’t be able to escape it: one day our first white hair will point the tip of its nose. Those who have already had time to recover from their emotions now have a new problem to deal with, the return of white roots after coloring! check Best Supplements for Hair to Get Most Charming Hair.


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