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Why Fat Loss is Better Than Weight Loss?

Difference Between Fat Loss & Weight Loss: Many of us with too much body weight are obsessed to loss weight quickly and work even harder to reduce weight but sometimes without knowledge we either starve ourselves to death or lose energy by intense exercises. Before going for weight loss we must have to understand what is weight loss and how we can get good results. There is a very big difference between weight loss & fat loss. If talking about weight loss it can be achieved by just random starving...

Basic Things To Know Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics are important to overall Health: Diet is something we eat randomly whereas a balanced diet is termed as selecting the portion size from all five food groups. Balanced diet is as important for an individual as breathing because it fuels your body, now it's all up to you whether you fuel yourself with the best or the worst. Portrait of beautiful smiling nutritionist looking at camera and showing healthy vegetables in the consultation. People most probably not even interested in consuming good food with low price but...

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Situation Reports – World Health Organization : [Stay Home – Stay Safe]

India fights COVID-19: Government optimistic! At its daily press conference, the Indian government discovered that the rate of increase corona cases in India was linear, not exponential as it has been in many countries around the world. I said no. The increase in new cases of new COVID-19 in the country is the highest in 1684 in the last 24 HRs, but the government is following a general growth pattern in cases, the doubling rate of Cases decreased to 10 days compared to the 3 days of the first close...

Car Insurance

Necessary high premiums or a tariff with poor performance - car owners should definitely avoid this with the insurance. If...
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